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VIC Free 42 inch Plasma TCL Brand

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by vpajic, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Hey netriders,

    Have recently bought a new tv so no need of a 2nd tv (live in an apartment). It is a roughly 10 year old flat screen plasma, working fine, only issue is the black level of detail isn't that great.

    Anyway, free to anybody who wants a tv!!

    Will post pics soon.

  2. shotgun? :D
  3. 42" on the back of the hyo?? This I'd like to see lol
  4. All yours murchy!! i'll send you a PM with my details!!

    lol @ goddie, I would've paid you just to see you try!
  5. When you do strap it to your Hyo murchy, make sure it has power running to it. This would be like HATER vision of epic proportion (for those not in the hood, "hater visions" are displays on the back of headrests...in the far back seat, where the other drivers can see it rather than the passengers...stupid I know but it happens)
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  6. I'll grab it off ya for my flight sim if Murchy doesn't want it anymore =]
  7. rmembering a pic of a guy on the eastern fwy riding a bike with a bbq on board from memory, and did waych a guy tie up an office chair to his bike dwon near sthbank bmw last year, so you just never know, but I do think a 42" tom tom is going the extreme here :)
  8. i find it pretty good on long trips to follow those guys i have seen a few good movie and a few bad ones
  9. I'll throw in my interest if the above couple somehow fall through on a free Plasma, uni student GF could use a TV to loosen up a bit sometimes lol
  10. lmao!

    atm this is the order:

    1: Murchy

    2: Tonee

    and then 3: Yourself!
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  11. be a rockstar and chuck it through the window
  12. mate shit has hit the fan, i'm sorry but im going to have to pull out as i now have absolutely zero way to pick her up!

    (although i'd take delivery :p)

    sorry to be a huge **** around.
  13. 1 down, 1 to go ;)

    Ready to pickup at your beckoning call if tonee decides he doesn't want it!
  14. if you want to keep the tv running all the way down until it hits the pool
    you're gonna need extension cords
  15. Tonee is now the proud owner!!
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  16. This is that moment on a TV Game Show when you think you're getting close to the prize, then BAM it's all over! Enjoy tonee :)
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