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Free 250 bike, for a year, what would you pick?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomcatalex, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Kawasaki ZZR250

  2. Kawasaki GPX250

    0 vote(s)
  3. Suzuki GSX250F Across

    0 vote(s)
  4. Honda VT250 Spada

    0 vote(s)
  5. Yamaha Virago 250

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  1. All bikes are in as new condition, the only condition is you cant keep the bike, you have to return it after 1 year and buy a bigger bike off the shop.
    What bike would you pick, why?

  2. there is no vtr250, only it's older cousin :cry: out of that list rode both the zzr and gpx and had alot of fun on both so i guess either of them
  3. You forgot the 2008 Ninja 250 :p
  4. Where is the option for a 250 trail bike?

    DRZ250 or XT250 :)
  5. Sorry only got those to choose from
    Make a 250 trail poll, id pick drz250 or maybe a husqvarna if thats on your list
  6. Across, 'coz the boot is so handy. They're all fine bikes though.
  7. Across, because it's the only one that's a decent size.
  8. the new ninja, otherwise zzr
  9. what! no bandit :LOL:
  10. Something Chinese for reliability
  11. Without question, the zzr.

    I miss the fuel range soo bad! :cry:

    Its ok, I'm gonna buy a $hitbox gpx soon.. mmmm 18L... mmmmm only going to a servo once a fortnight mmmmmm :LOL:
  12. Probably the virago..

    Easy sitting for a fat bastard ;) I also like the cruiser style and may buy a cruiser anyway.

  13. My first choice would be the VTR250, but seeing as it's not on the list, I say the ZZR.
  14. KLR650? (400km to reserve!)

    On-topic, prolly any of them except the Virago because I'm about 3 feet too tall to ride one.

    Probably biased towards the Spada because I had a VTR250 and would like to shout "THIS.. IS.. SPADA!" frequently and liked the engine 'n handling.

    I also like naked bike insurance. $220 comprehensive insurance for me on the VTR250? Nothing that will touch the ground except the tyres, pegs, muffler and bar ends if it has a nap in the garage? Sweet.
  15. spada. Every across i have ridden is a piece of shit. Gpx is a bus and has bugger all ground clearance, and i'm pretty sure that last one was a mistake? :p
  16. Spada, good reliable Vtwin engined bike.
  17. Looks like the spada takes the cake,
    but when you think the gpx and zzr are the same bike kawasaki should be the winner
    the poor virago, would someone even take her in a back ally with the keys
    my impession on what people wrote is the across is a practical peice of crap. but would someone take it left in the ally with keys? prob yes , so I start thinking is most popular always the best???
  18. 400 to reserve on zzr also, but it has 4L less in it! AND the rego is cheaper :grin:
  19. Touche'! Why do I have the sudden urge to tell Diasis to trade his Honda 250 cruiser (180ish to reserve) for a ZZR before we go on another long-distance touring trip? ;)
  20. Sorry but none of the above......

    GO the FIZZER, but then again I am a bit biased :grin: .

    But if forced to choose i'd have to go with the Spada 250