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freakin digicam fell out of my bag

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ronin11, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. i went out last night, and a request was made of me to take my digicam with me. so i go looking for it, and its nowhere to be found. after a while, it all comes back to me.. at some stage while ive been out on the bike over the last few weeks, i remember riding off, and getting to my destination and realising my bag was open. checked, but nothing seemed to be missing. until now. im pretty damn sure my digicam was in there... nice little olympus mju300 with a 128meg memory card. and the worst thing? ive just brought a laptop off ebay to store all the pics i take when i go away to places like the supers in a few weeks. so now i got the laptop, but no freakin camera.

    not a happy boy.

  2. Hate that!! Mate dropped his girlfriends pressie out of his bag (a very nice & expensive CK watch). Got squasheded

  3. Damn!!!!!!

    That's gotta suck :(

    Did you not consider an XDrive to store pics when you are away?
    What did you pay for the laptop?
  4. Can you make any sort of insurance claim on it? Some insurance policies allow carried items to be claimed up to a certain amount.

    Might be worth checking out...
  5. Hey guys, reading this posting reminded me to tell you all about my new digicam and CK watch i found on the road :p :p :p
  6. lmao. thanks slug..

    vic.. i paid $300 for the laptop (ebay) its an old 500 with a 10 gig HDD.. but i have intentions of upgradeing the parts. half the fun with computers is building them yourself.. im gunna use it for other stuff as well as a mobile drive so that why i went with a laptop as opposed to an external HDD or something of the like..

    ZRX.. its my first bike, so i dont want to make a claim on my bike insurancejust yet hhahaha.. might be something to look into i guess.. thatnks for the suggestion.
  7. One question though, why not put the camera in the boot of the across :?:
  8. I was thinking this as well..You have one of the best bikes :cool: and you don't make use of it :LOL:

    It may heat up a little but if it's put in a leather case it should be fine.
  9. Actually might be your home and contents insurance. Some policies have coverage for valuables whilst they are out of the home. Can sometimes cover things like watches, cameras, etc

    Im no expert, but I know my policy does have the coverage. But it depends on your excess as well, and of course policy.

  10. hmmmm. leaving bike bags open, don't you hate it? I lost one (not both) wet-weather glove doing that. Needless to day I had to buy two to replace it.....
  11. I lost a bunch of dvd's and an electric toothbrush out of a backpack a few months ago. After that I made sure to put clips on the bag that fasten both zips together.

    If anyone finds a copy of 'Garden State' between Daylesford and Maldon please pm me....

    No need to if you find my toothbrush.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don't know why but that's really funny LMAO

    ...... I think I ran it over in Maldon back in November. :)
  13. Bugger mate, bad luck. Good chance to get a new camera though!
  14. You mentioned an external HDD which suggests you already have a desktop computer, if so, a DVD burner would have been a better investment for data storage. you can pick up a duel layer burner on ebay for $55 and that'll give you about 7.5gb a disk. And If you wanted it mobile get an external burner for a little bit more.

    Also Laptops are harder and more expensive to upgrade than a desktop PC and with it being an old one you will also find it more difficult to find compatable components
  15. Similar thing happened to me. Seemed that when the backpack was full, the zip worked open with the pressure from by back when I leant forward to hold the handlebars. Tend to wire tie the zip shut now. Didn't save the mobile phone though.
  16. MMM sounds like a plan :shock: put unwanted children, wifes ,girlfreinds ,mother in laws in back pack and go for a ride :grin: