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Freaked out - dead mouse?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. uhhhh my mouse just made a big "bang" noise.
    with my computer history I diagnose there may be a problem forthcoming.
    Although it seems to be working fine right now; its making a bubbling or perhps ticking noise now.
    Its a wireless optical. Its not making any burning circitry smells, and as i said its working fine... but still WTF??? I can still feel the vibration on my hand!

  2. OK, three things....

    1. Put down the vibrator

    2. Is it a real mouse you are holding in all the excitement?

    3. Check the battery
  3. well i was going to post "help! my mouse just blew all over me!"....
  4. Well, Eswen, you sexy little minx you.... I knew you only needed a little coaxing before the real you popped out in the excitement......
  5. Maybe it needs mouse to mouse resuscitation???

  6. Well, depends whether Eswen is used to little mice or large mice.......... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Hey Eswen, you mentioned it smelled??? Could it be due to a YEAST build up????
  8. possible causes include coffee spills, failure to dry hands after visit to the little gorilla's room, or such like, but it SOUNDS like there's a short circuit in there somewhere. Remeove battery(ies) check and or dry contacts, replace, test. Then call Skuffy; he does house calls!!!
  9. Hornets right; check the batteries, check there is no sticky substance on the bottom of the mouse and then call me......
  10. I called it baby and its working ok so maybe it just prefers to talk about it?

    Actually i said it DIDNT smell....

    uh sure, my "mouse" is sticky just thinking about it.
  11. haha your advice sucks scuffy :( i took the battries out then put them back in (the right way) and it stopped working :(
  12. off to the mouse shop.....
  13. pet shop?

    I hit it a few times and got it working again....
  14. Is that your normal therapeutic process, es?
    You sound really cheesed off with that mouse!
  15. that was bad... really bad... worse than me asking my friend who got put on anti psycotics if he'd imagined it....
    but no, only with computers. My dad is a systems admin and swears by it. Keeps a hammer in his office.

    on reflection maybe I should have put this in "jokes"
  16. farkin mouseketeers