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Fraser Island - bikeable?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mr_mbuna, May 20, 2007.

  1. Hi - trying to plan out a trek of Oz. At this point, I've got my eye on a VFR800 VTEC for the month-long trip but I want to make sure it's appropriate to what I want to do (and I want to make sure what I want to do is appropriate to reality!).

    Can you ride a motorcycle on Fraser Island? Could you do it in a VFR? What special changes or precautions would you have to take besides letting down the tire pressure?

  2. good luck with that !

    Hire a Hilux Ute and put it in the tray !
    If you had a Dual-sport or Adventure bike, yes, it can be done on a bike !
  3. Info Link

    Fraser Island is the World's Largest Sand Island and does not have bitumen roads. The tracks on Fraser Island are soft sand and not suitable for conventional vehicles. Four wheel drive vehicles with low ground clearance may have difficulty on some inland tracks.

    Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service publishes an invaluable weekly report, providing details of track conditions on the Island and QPWS campsite availablity
  4. So would I be able to do it with a DL1000 with street tires or would I still be kidding myself?
  5. I'd be very wary of riding a motorcycle on Fraser Island as the local dingos have developed a taste for tourists..... :wink:

    Anyhow, have you checked out this website?
  6. sIMPLY NO , it can be hard enough with a 4wd.....A chook chaser yes...
  7. Haha ok guys, I'm not daft. I was just seeing what the limits were since Mickyb V9 said that it could be done with a dual-purpose. And billsabiker - you're not kidding! The dingos did appear to go on a rampage recently. Yikes!
  8. even a dual purpose would struggle on fraser island, it's deep sand in places.
  9. I wasn't aware of Micky's sand riding skills. What's the definiton of dual purpose?

    An experienced rider might make it on a bigger bike through soft sand. The rest of us won't get far on anything other than a thumper. It has been done, but look here to see big bikes not the best on sand - inlcuding a busted shoulder for someone on an 1150GS. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=195116&page=8
  10. . . . yeah, my sand driving skills are top notch ! ;)

    There are hard packed trails that would get you around Fraser, you just can't venture out to the really soft stuff. The choice of tyres would also benefit. Also ride in the tyre tracks left by 4x4s, so you don't have to dig into the soft stuff to get to the hard packed sand below.

    Yeah, so a trail orientated dual-purpose i reckon can do it.

    I reckon its a future plan if I get that Pegaso ! :grin:
  11. I haven't been since the 90's (consarnit)
    but the main access roads were scary deep, very fine sand, even walking in them was a struggle. yes there are some close-pack roads, and of course, the semi-wet beach bit where pissed idiots in 4wd's like to race each other whilst shotgunning cans of woodstock. You could get away with a dual purpose like a Beamer GS1100 adventure on these, but getting to them on a big dualy in that deep sand on the access roads would be like all the shit bits from Dakkar.

    Having said that, brilliant place.
  12. My mum took a caravan there, which they proceeded to get bogged all the time... boy were they unpopular :LOL:
  13. You don't under inflate bike tyres for sand, only do it for cars.
  14. Learn something new every day! I'm a road biker so I have no idea; just trying to learn.
  15. Says who? Need rim locks on the chooky though.
  16. Nov 2005 I rode the TTR250 up there, went ok in the sand, through a tube, so 40 Deg day, 2pm and on the dunes pulling the tyre off.. mmm well lovely place for my first tyre change.. There are some road bikes (old) with Knobby tyres up in Rainbow Beach, as to how they go not sure.. there was an Artical in TBAM a month or three ago with a group of road bikes in the mid 80's up there, however, the TTR with gear on was a lot of work to get around..

    good luck if you go, and would suggest getting your camping pass etc before you get there / on the island...
  17. FRASER

    this is a good debate i worked on the barge for 7 months if you just want to go for the day the tide is the biggest factor if you have a big low tide you could travel the beach 3hrs after high tide and 3hrs after low tide,6hrs total you could ride a push bike up the beach at low the sand is very hard packed,if you want to go inland you will need ground clearance and normal tyres should be ok! i used to go there all the time on my SL 350.all up it's not an easy ride.
  18. I do not know if this thread is still current but as I live in Hervey Bay I have ridden on the island many many times over the past 30 years on bikes inckuding from PE175, PE250, RM125, RM250, XR500, XT550, Pegaso and in a short while a new VSTROM (or cagiva navigator if I get keen).
    I have seen a K6 Honda 750 on the beach once but he was not having a lot of fun.

    The tricks are:
    1) Do not have a lot of gear on the bike, keep it in your backpack so it is easier to balance.
    2) If you are not good at riding in mud or snow do not play in the soft sand or you will fall down a lot.
    3) Do not go fast in the middle as it is full of stoned/drunk german backpackers in giant 4wds. They are used to left hand drive in Europe and when they see you coming at them usually swerve to the WRONG side.
    4) Travel at low tide on the beaches where ever possible
    5) Be wary of dropaways on the beach, they will kill you.
    6) Wear padded gloves, motocross boots and an open helmet with goggles.
    7) Low revs, higher gears is usually better than high revs lower gears and keep the momentum going. Stopping or changing speed is what buggers up your balance.
    8) The front beach is crap, stay on the back (eastern) one.
    9) Have lots of fun, it is a great place....

    PM me for more info if you need it.
  19. Mate the few times I've been up there I had a hilux and watched at least 5-10 Hiluxes gettin bogged every day.
    Street Tyres on a DL 1000.... you'd lose it after about 50m soon as you rode of the ferry!!
  20. 4WDs are commonly driven by 4WD owners many of whom have difficulty with driveways.

    With road tyres, unless it has been raining you are probably buggered. Semi road/trail (trials) tyres are ok although knobbies are far better.