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Frankstons bid for the 2016 Olympic games.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mikey213, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. found this thought it was funny.

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  2. As did I! Thanks for sharing
  3. Gold.........

    Long live "The People's Republic of FrankGhanistan"

    \shakes head and cries a little on the inside
  4. Oi! I love Frankganistan!
  5. It 'aint all bad....

    I grew up on the 'Ninsula - great place to be a kid....

    Had my first car @ 15 (1989 R31 Skyline)........LOTS of dirt roads.....not many intelligent cops......spent a LOT of time looking out the passenger window going sideways..... :demon:

    But hey! How else are you supposed to learn how to heal-toe brake, double clutch and flat change.....how I ask you?
  6. I could see this working.
    I live in Upper Frankston (Frankston North / Pines Estate) & the locals train hard for this every day (& night!)
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  7. Is that 'snob's hill' of Frankston?
  8. Ewww, are you a "Pines Rat"? Lol :p
  9. Haha, The pines is the opposite of snob hill!
    Its half commission housing still, isn't it?

    Frankston South Is snob hill. Lol - They all wish they where from Mt Eliza.
  10. Poor Franga,
    No matter what hey do, as long as its 'the end of the line' (train line) it'll always be a dog.

    Shame. Some exceptional properties around there.
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  11. You betcha! But only recently. (20 months)
    Don't really 'fit in'
    Don't own a 'wife beater' but do have a pair of black mockies! (y)

    Damn site more than half! No longer owned by the Commission though.
  12. Actually, better delete that one.