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Frankston to Shepparton via Whitfield!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by [Freddy], Dec 31, 2007.

  1. My intention was to go via The Great Alpine Rd but things didn't come together as expected and I had to change my plans. A combination of a killer hang over (gotta love Christmas) and the fact the it was -1C up at Mt Hotham on Sunday morning I decided to stay in bed! :))

    With motivation levels restored on Monday morning (Christmas eve) I decided to hit the road and head for Shepparton. Non stop rain meant that I put my head down and headed where I did not want to go, the Hume!

    Stopped just north of Melbourne and this was the view.


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  3. The riding was too good to be stopping and taking happy snaps so I put the head down again and headed for Whitfield via Yea and Mansfield. I decided to check out the Ned Kelly tree near Tolmie, this is the road in. You can see all the new growth from the recents fires in the first photo. The tree is about 11kms along the dirt road.



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  7. Once I got to Strathbogie township I headed back to Merton along a fairly bumpy and rocky road so that I could take in some more of this:


    Bored now on the final stretch to Shepparton, great day of riding, around 580kms in total.


    On boxing day I started the journey home, this time it was:

    Shepparton > Euroa > Longwood > Seymour > Highlands > Yea > Strath Creek > Flowerdale > Kinglake > Healsville > Launcing Place > Gembrook > Pakenham > Koo Wee Rup > Frankston

    A little over 1000kms for the 2 days with most of it in the twisties. The road from Seymour to Yea via Highlands is fantastic, great views, lots of wildlife, no cars and pretty good roads, unfortunately I forgot the camera for the return trip so you'll have to check it out yourselves.

    Cheers :D
  8. Nice one, thanks for the ride report! :grin:
  9. Good pics, thanks.
  10. You are right about the servo at Whitfield Great food and very bike friendly. :)
    That stretch of road between Whitfield and Mansfield is awesome. :grin:
    Peter. :cool:
  11. Great write up and love the pics. I detoured out to Powers Lookout whilst coming back along Whitfield - Mansfield rd on Monday, but unlike you I didn't take a pic of the bike on the lookout thingy (there were demolitionists there and I was a bit embarrassed to..lol). I did however try and ride the 100mtres down to the 'waterhole'. Got only so far and couldn't go any further so got off the bike and walked down a bit more only to find nothing..no waterhole..nothing. :LOL:

    That rd to Barjarg looks nice, as does the one to the Ned Kelly tree. Would love to head on rds such as these sometime in the future.
  12. I'd be the same, there was no one there when I went so that was not an issue, was a bit worried about the structure as it seemed to shake a fair bike when I rode up!

    They were both fairly hard packed roads with a little bit of loose gravel, easily tackled on any sort of bike really. The Strom is too heavy to go too hard so I tend to take it fairly easy apart from in the corners where a little wheel spin adds some fun.
  13. Agree and on the Strom you could have done Cheshunt and Paradise Falls and Lake William Hovell.

    My old stamping ground :grin: