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Frankston Crew's LA coup.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Got the thumbs up from work mate (Brett) to give his story.

    Frankston crew's LA coup
    By D. Brown

    Brett with his home boys, Jolley & Caeper

    An ordinary-looking parcel from the US was how Brett found out his hip-hop group,
    Triple Threat Crew, had scored big time at the 2006 LA Music Awards.

    Brett, who goes by the name Stone Capone, in the rap world - and his fellow rappers
    Brendan aka Jolley & Noel aka Caeper, received Soul R&B Single of the Year.

    The Frankston-based trio, together five years, had submitted the single, 'Who's That',
    to the LA Music Awards, which until last year, was only open to US acts.

    Having heard nothing back, Brett & his crew assumed they'd drawn a blank, until Brett
    received the parcel, which contained a slick-looking framed award.

    "It just turned up at my house, no fanfare, nothing", Brett said.

    "We had actually agreed that if we were in with a shout of winning, we'd fly over to LA
    for the awards night."

    Since winning the coveted award, Triple Threat Crew has had numerous hits on its
    Myspace website from the US & UK, where the single & other tracks are available for free

    "Myspace is really a huge promotional tool for bands", Brett explained, adding that his
    group's as yet untitled new CD album is due for release next month.

    "The hip-hop scene in Australia is growing really fast now. In the past, maybe five years
    ago, if your band didn't live in Sydney you didn't have any credibility.

    "But bands like the Hilltop Hoods from Adelaide and Melbourne rapper, Phrase, have
    turned that completely around."

    *Any creative suggestion for the title of Triple Threat Crew's new album can be posted here or
    leave ya suggestion on their Myspace website.*
  2. Franga rocks well raps I suppose these days :LOL:
  3. Performing tomorrow night at Bar Code on King St in Melbourne if
    you're interested.

    The night starts around 9pm and then we're on at 11pm. :wink:
  4. I see they spelt it without the "C" again. :LOL:

    Well done though. Obviously doing well in their chosen field.
  5. Yeah... we're awesome!!!


    It's good fun and we all love it, so that's all that matters... :p

  6. rap is ghhhheeeeyyy, but well done for their success!!