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Frankston Council v A five year old!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thetramp64, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Anyone see the article on ACA tonite about a 5 yearold who had her mini bike impounded under the "hoon laws"?
    Now I don't have an issue with people not riding in some areas, but for heavens sake get real Frankston council!

    If anyone knows the kids father please let me know. I'd be happy to advise him FREE. I've taken on these arrogant idiots before and would be happy to do so here.
    I'm wondering how they would like the legitimacy of thier laws challenged all because of a 5 year old?
    And I think I know a barrister I could talk into helping.... (Maybe)...
    He was described as a "rider from Frankston".
  2. This story is also on a brisbane riding forum that I use and people were even offering to put up the money to get the bike out.

    If a stupid council and the park to me looked great to learn to ride at. Not to many things to hit etc.
  3. Where was she riding ?
  4. a empty park. Just grass and a couple of small tress.
    On what I think was a pw50. 3 cops showed up to take the bike.
  5. Think about it this way...if you take your kids or grandkids to a suburban park you don't want them run down by a five year old on a motorbike and I, as a driver/rider, don't want to see a little kiddie come flying out of a park in front of me. (I've seen the young ones lose these little bikes big time)
    I know there is a great track at Hastings, about 20 min drive away, for the kiddies to ride under proper supervision.
    Probably the parents are just too lazy to take her there.


    From the article..
    “There were other people and dogs in the park. It was potentially very dangerous for the child to ride a motor bike around,†she said.

    “The Frankston by-law says it is an offence to ride unregistered motor bikes or mini bikes. And there is a park nearby they could have taken the child to, where she could have ridden her bike legally.â€
  6. These hoons laws are a joke, but I agree that they should have told them to go somewhere else
  7. I live in Frankston. We had one of our neighbours complain about our kids riding their bikes once a month on our 1 acre, in Frankston South. I had to go to council on bended knee to get a permit to allow our kids to ride on my own land.

    There is no where in Frankston to ride "legally".

    We are members at the Frankston Motorcycle Club in SEAFORD. That's good if you can afford to take wednesdays off work to take your kids to the track or you can go on a Sat or Sunday. (We go to church on Sunday and I work most Saturdays so it can be hard).

    Anyway, the thing about the track in Hastings is nonsense. That is land owned by BHP run by employees for anyone in the MORNINGTON shire ONLY. Frankston residents are not allowed :(

    I don't know which park this little one was riding in but I can empathise with the frustration of the parents. Prolly not a good idea to ride on an oval/park though - now I have a permit they could always come here :)

  8. Fuking.

  9. http://www.frankston.vic.gov.au/Services_A-Z/Parks_and_Leisure/Motorcycle_Park/index.aspx

    Frankston Motorcycle Park Old Wells Road, Seaford (Melway Ref: 97 J11)
    Phone: 9786 4543

    Off-road motorcycle facility to educate and enhance motorcycling skills at all levels.This popular reserve's three good quality tracks offers safe, legal off-road motorbike riding. The tracks are graded learners, intermediate and advanced.The motorcycle park operates every Saturday and Sunday and on Wednesdays during Christmas holidays.

    The person in the image is Scott Tennant. For more details about Scott, please click on the following link:
  10. 2up - you perhaps missed it? As I said we have a family membership there in SEAFORD. I'm all for annexxing in the surrounding suburbs but SEAFORD is not FRANKSTON (probably to the delight of those in Seaford)

  11. can't ride on your own land? wtf?
  12. I hate those little bikes... there are some people up the road who, whenever the mood strikes them, will hoon them up and down the road, and in the reserve behind my house... all without any protective gear on.

    They make a shitload of noise, not to mention the hazard of being on a public road/park.

    One time one of them came off out the front of my house and tumbled into the kerb. Thankfully they were able to dust themselves off and continue along... because I certainly didn't want to be hosing their blood off my driveway.

    Maybe I should be a spoilsport and call the police to take their minibikes away the next time they're carrying on :p
  13. You can ride there though and it is in the city of Frankston? It says it is on their web site.
  14. I don't want little tackers riding motorbikes in the park either.

    Should they have impounded it? Nope, I don't think so.

    Is it possible the parents were told several times before not to ride there? Dunno, but wild fuking horses couldn't get me to watch ACA to find out.
  15. Like taking candy from a baby.

    What ever happened to a stern warning and a simple 'don't do it again'?
  16. We are members there and ride about once or twice a month. They have a Junior Riders Day on a Sat morning once a month which is really good - they opern all the tracks even to the little ones on 50cc bikes. The track in Hastings cannot be ridden on by us commoners in Frankston though.....
  17. I know. If you take a walk they'll tax your feet...............
  18. Because she's just doing what her father is encouraging her to do, which includes breaking the law.....
  19. I heard teh father on 3AW this morning talking about it (or was it yesterday?)


    It was the first time that the parents had gone to that park. There were others riding their bikes there in the past and that's where they got the idea from.

    There was no warning issued, the bike was confiscated.

    HOON laws?? What a pathetic fcuken joke they are. 2nd worst law that has been passed of late.
    The association laws for bikies take 1st prize.

    This State is being fcuked by the clowns that call themselves Police!!!!

    We have alomost reached the point where we'll all be fitted with O2 meters and be charged for the air that we breath. :jerk:
  20. Yep then stern warning. Council blows. Next item on the agenda? :grin: