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N/A | National France completely paralysed by almost 100,000 bikers !

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by revhead998, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. http://ukfrancebikers.com/

    France has today seen the largest motorcycle protest ever seen before with almost 100,000 bikers paralysing the whole nation, from north to south and west to east. A real slap in the face of Claude Guéant, French interior minister, who has been trying to push through a series of ridiculous proposals designed to treat bikers like cash cows when, let’s recognise it, bikers are willing to use a mode of transport that guarantees zero congestion, considerably reduces pollution and offers a more affordable solution to those facing financial difficulties. 100,000 bikers paralysing the whole nation, what a massive humiliation for the French government and its interior minister, Claude Guéant.
    ....lots more, follow link...

  2. Here resides our answer.
  3. Why didn't you post it big fella?
  4. That.Is.Awesome !!!! Epic !!!
    Go FFMC !!!
  5. Fuck yeah I'm with you Nickers!!! Who wouldn't want to do that???
  6. and thats how its done, hit them where it hurts
  7. ....and did it hurt or what? A public nutslap that is. We can do this.
  8. I'm kinda amused about how many of those bikes are easily over the 100hp limit that france has.
  9. I'd like to agree. I really would. But reality is Australia is a lazy nation. We only protest when we know there's going to be lots of beer and public sms's have been sent round for weeks in advance.

    France on the other hand has a long history of protests, riots etc, the people love doing it and this is just one more to add to the list. It will still be affective however.
  10. Heres where Australia is fucked

    If we did that here, the car drivers would want to rip our heads off
  11. Lilley i hear ya mate and I understand your concern. However, I come from a background of idealism and radicalism that is both potent and effective when galvanised. Australians have been galvinised over issues and problematic misuse and unbalanced controversial topics before. We are born into a land where bushrangers and the rebellious are embedded into our folklore and psyche. We do have a pedigree and lineage of taking up arms and protecting ourselves from those who choose to exert their powers over us.

    The differing factor is we are slow on the uptake and we have a void of true leaders who possess the influence and secret ingredient to galvanise. This is our true failing at the present time, finding a charismatic leader who can speak a language that can both marshal and galvanise an army into action.

    It's not the army that is lacking, it's the General. Find him or her and the deal is done. Such is life.
  12. Unless we put together a team of riders who are quite prepared to rip cager's heads off instead.

    Does a team exist? Yes √
    Can a team be mustered? Yes √
    Do riders want that? ....ah well, there's your fucking problem.

    I can bring Melbourne to a standstill. I can make us a headline that the crats do not want to see. What I'm yet to see is a desire and the support from the riding body to bring it into being. All I see is ePinions and intellectual grandstanding. I was once told by a c#*t, that to win this game one must be a c#*t. I believe him. The Frenchies can be c#*ts when they want to eh?
  13. that is incredible.
    if you have'nt as yet clicked on the link in the OP, do so
    just amazing. if you don't believe it can be done here you've allready been defeated, go the **** home.

  14. exactement, Lilley, the French would rather riot than eat

    what the French authorities hate most of all is cashed-up pommies on superbikes screaming across their country on the way to their 6 minutes of fame on the Nurburgring :LOL:
  15. See The French Revolution.

    Our idea of a revolution is:


  16. Just sayin'.... :p
  17. Sorry, but that era has long gone, those people are essentially extinct. Beyond footy & 2nd rate beer, there isn't too much of old Australia left.
    Cheers to an Australia long since departed.
  18. Piss riders off enough and do it quickly enough and even us apathetic Ozzie's get organised,anyone remember the 10,000 bike rally in Canberra sometime in either the late 70s or early 80s.The pollys are smart enough these days to slide things in slowly,one drip at a time.I almost though the resent CTP rises of 250cc might have had an effect till everyone over 250cc got a reduction and said they were happy,divide and conquer.
  19. If we could organise even 1/3rd of the 20,000 NR members Australia-wide (and this doesn't include the many others involved in other online forums or otherwise) to block off Canberra's streets/Parliament House, as a starting point..this would get us 'on the map'.

    We may not be a nation known for rioting or otherwise, but we certainly aren't a crowd who indulges only in Meat Pies, Aussie Rules/Rugby and Fords/Holdens !!! Let's not allow Australia's 'leaders' to squeeze us under their thumb, whilst slowly taking away from us what is not only a right, a form of transport, a passion..but more so an economical way into the future.

    If France can do it, you bet your bottom dollar WE CAN TOO ! It'll take unity, sacrifice and tenacity - the results, however, will be a much cherished reward !

    Chef, I'm with you on this, as I'm sure MANY are. The time for us all to stop being apathetic, useless f***s... is NOW.