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N/A | National [France] Another massive motorcycle protest

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I dips me lid the the French riders!!!

    = = = = = = = = = = =


    French bikers back on the streets in protest

    By MAG Office – March 27, 2012

    Posted in: EU & FEMA, Mandatory High Viz

    MAG Ireland congratulates our colleagues in the FFMC (the French equivalent of MAG) who have staged a series of massive demos across France in protest against domestic road safety proposals which include such items as being forced to carry a breathalyser, the introduction of mandatory retro-reflective material for bikers, larger number plates and a ban on any device which has information on the location of speed camera sites (such as sat navs, smart phones etc.) amongst others.

    The FFMC used the upcoming French presidential elections as a context to remind their politicians that “Bikers are Voters”, and that a real road safety policy is one in which drivers are made aware of their responsibilities to share the road safely with motorcycles. The theme of the demo was “We want ANOTHER road safety policy” which, says FFMC, must take account of the 60% increase in the use of motorcycles and mopeds over the past decade, and which does not blame riders for the failures of other road users.

    Some 85,000 riders took part in the demos which were run countrywide on Saturday 24th and in Paris on Sunday 25th. The Paris demo made stops at each of the main presidential candidates’ offices to give them the FFMC manifesto and a list of demands for a proper road safety policy which includes training for drivers to make them motorcycle aware, and a demand that the French Government stop pushing punitive and unproven methods such as mandatory retro-reflective material for riders.



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  2. I hope they went through a tunnel, the noise would be epic.
  3. I've ridden in really big demos. Even without a tunnel it's pretty good :D.
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  4. Hmmm, we might need a few really stupid laws proposed here, just so we can get enough riders together.
  5. Wow, that is an impressive sight. (y)
  6. **** me thats awesome. I wonder if even police bikes are in there.
  7. awesome.... hard enough to get 100 bikes together over here... I hope it works for them. It would certainly help point the way for others (like us).
  8. mind you, with the population numbers there, would be interesting what percentage of riders attended.. as in 50% in total, the numbers in the pics look awsome!!
  9. I hope none of those stupid laws come here.. a ban on sat nav? REALLY?
  10. That looks amazing. Hope that gets the message across for them because that is one hell of a turnout.
  11. I'd like to know what the heck is going on in this video!

  12. Looks like they were blocking off the road to cars.. and forcing them off the road haha.
  13. Google translate to the rescue...

    A man who refuses to wait for the demonstrators decided to go take his car to 4x4 and mounted on the sidewalk ...
    A bit unnerved the boy ...
    Thank you to the security men and protesters have been present at the appointment!

    Fun Ha!
  14. We need to plan an epic demo like this, any excuse will do
  15. Viva Le France, I am not wearing fluro, the 80's are over.
  16. Victoria first maybe, then the rest of Oz. I'd definitely take part.
  17. No no NO.

    It's precisely this insistence on focusing on individual States that results in feeble turnouts, zero publicity and the success and organisation of the event hingeing on one or two individuals who may or may not be the best for the job.

    Most of the really scary stuff which will be coming down the pipeline from Europe will need to be implemented at a National level, so we should be focusing now on how a big national campaign might be organised.

    I'd cross the Nullabor for a big national demo in Canberra, plank seat, eggcup tank and all, especially if there's a rally to go with it (which there always is for these big Euro events) but I'm fucked if I'll make the effort so as to be one of a couple of dozen riders standing around in the rain on a Melbourne backlot.
  18. What I meant was Victoria will be the first to try and make all these sort of things mandatory and if it succeeds there, the other states will follow suit. I don't care where the rally against this, I will go to it. It's victimisation of a minority group, and in these days of equal opportunity, there is a blatant breach of our rights.
  19. Do we really have to go to Canberra???
  20. Have to go through the Snowies to get to Canberra \\:D/
    (from Melbourne).

    What we actually need to do is get the power to make decisions taken away from the states IMO. The more power devolves, the more wacky and repressive the decision-makers become.