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Frame sliders / fairing protectors / crash bobbins - necessary? Which brand?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Biker Gal, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Had a search and couldn't find much about crash bobbins / frame sliders / fairing protectors previously discussed.
    Read some reviews and noticed that the main brands are Oggy's, Ozy's and Shoguns.
    Do you think they're necessary for a newbie riding a brand new bike?
    Which brand is better than the other and why?

  2. Hi, you might want to have a look at gilles tooling frame sliders @ gillestooling.com.au they're pretty flash looking
  3. Thanks Dylan05. Haha, unfortunately, I don't think "Gilles Tooling - Superbike Products" actually make frame sliders suitable for my Ninja 250. Maybe when I'm off my L's and for my next bike. Cheers :)
  4. you'd be right ZX6 is as small as they go
  5. Hello Biker Gal - Welcome along.

    Is it necessary? No - emphatically not. Is it probably a good idea - yes, it would be a wise insurance policy.

    Nice sig, by the way. LOL.
  6. So "wise insurance policy" meaning that they may help me salvage my bike when I drop it coming out of my garage? (coz I know that's highly likely).

    Does that indicate that I should just get some random brand from Ebay (China) and not worry about the branded stuff?
  7. I was going to do the same thing but when I got quoted $550.00 for a pair of crash knobs for my Ninja I decided not too, not that it was a lot of money but you can pick up new fairings for around $500.00 off ebay these days ;p
  8. i forgot which dealer i went to, but someone gave me a quote of $150 installed for those knob things on a ninja. but yeah, you can pick up those fairing on ebay for cheap but ive heard they are very bad quality or something? not sure.

  9. They can be good, but they could also cause more damage to your bike, most of them are bolted to the engine mount and reports have been that its stuffed peoples engines, others that are attached to the frame bend the frame if your bike falls over, so mixed reviews on them
  10. oggys are the go. worth their weight in gold if you have a topple over (which from experience is how you'll drop your bike). fairings are expensive.
  11. If you drop the bike in a low slide, the crash bobbins may help, unless they get caught on something (ditch, gutter, pot hole etc.). If you drop it hard (say high side and bike slams to the ground) well then most likely the bobbins may cause more damage...pending on where it is mounted. Have heard of engine mounts breaking off and dinted/bent frames.

    I think it also depends on the quality of the bobbins themselves...they should absorb some of the impact while act frictionless while sliding.
  12. I would advise against getting any "no cut" sliders since they always use brackets to put them in a nice pretty place where you don't have to chop your fairings. In a crash, the brackets WILL bend and warp

    Cut ones screw directly into the frame and have less chance of bending/breaking during a crash.

    But again, using sliders, youre transferring shock directly to the frame. A big enough shock can bend your frame. Bent frame = bye bye bike.

    I'd rather let the fairings take the brunt of the crash. New plastics are always cheaper than a new bike :)
  13. Thanks guys, for all your help.

    Is it common for the dealership to package it all up and have them fitted before I pick up the bike, or will I have to fit them afterwards?
    Didn't really think to ask them things like that... too busy thinking about the dollar signs.
  14. the dealer put them on my bike before I picked it up.