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Frame repairs

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by damige, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. hi all i just found out about this news and i have just copy and pasted i hope it is not true but if anyone knows more fill us all in please.

    Latest news in from Victoris / Bob Martin Engineering

    This is whats happening over in Victoria

    I have just had a phone call from Bob Martin Engineering
    03 9758 4738

    Steve Martin has informed me of the latest volley from the government in regards to frame repairs
    Aluminium frames
    ANY dents in frame = frame condemmed
    Any repairs to frame - frame condemmed
    Steel / other frames
    Any repairs to frame - frame condemmed

    Bike dealerships / other have been instructed that on no accopunt are any frames allowed to under go repairs
    insurance companies have been instructed to condem all bikes that are in need of frame repairs

    This is not in WA (YET)

    But the chances of it filtering through are more than probable

    anyone think insurance costs may rise?

    Bob Martin Engineering
    "Bob Martin Motorcycle Engineering was established in 1972. Bob's engineering skills have seen BME grow over the past 30 years, to become one of Australia's most sought after motorcycle engineering specialists. Specializing in repairs and modifications to all makes and models. Our frame building and construction have developed from Bob's early days as a sidecar racer when he built his own frames that were among the best in the Australasia. BME frames have been credited with wins at Bathurst during their 20 year involvement.
    The company has now been handed to Bob's son Steve Martin, who along with an experienced team, continue to deliver BME's innovative, excellent standards"

    This company is closing its doors in October 2007 because of this legislation and all personnel will cease to be employed at this company...
    this is sad news, but such that is going to affect many more people

    I suppose the only good side of this, is Steve Martin intends to come to WA, his knowledge and skill is coming with him

    He will be looking for work, and no doubt involvement in the motorcycling scene in WA

  2. Victorias loss. WA's gain
  3. sheesh Rupert,

    You post one post each year and you sure as shit make it a good one :(
  4. i can see insurance premiums going up if it is true and also a lot more stolen/rebirthed bikes as well.
    the way i look at it, it isnt going to be good for the insurance industry or the people that are paying insurance.
  5. heh, you wonder who makes up these rules. You'd hope they are engineers with conflicting evidence saying that repairing a bike frame is wrong.
  6. This will badly effect side car riders as well... Bob Martin were one of the few remaining places where an engineer approved leading link front end could be purchased and fitted.

    I also wonder what will happen to outfits that have welded on chairs with bracing and struts and similar to increase strength :?

    A literal interpretation of those rules could mean that only bolt on sidecars could be made and registered in Victoria...
  7. That's the f*$king insanity typical of the Victorian 'Government'. If a frame repair is bad you'll almost certainly know within 5 minutes of getting on the bike... it's not like you're going to cruise like an arrow up to 200km/h than *wham* the bike goes nuts. Plenty of bikes are more dangerous/unstable out of the crate because of their geometry/suspension, than a repaired frame.

    I had a YZF600 that I had the frame repaired on twice- both times subframe damage- and each time the bike was fully stripped/rebuilt and everything went on perfectly- indicting it was all 'as it should be'. I've also ridden frame repaired ZX9Rs and quite a few old tube frame bikes.

    Is there no end to the bullshit that bored pencil pushing sons-of-bitches* can come up with? Send 'em to drive tanker trucks in Iraq, I say.

    *Detective Harry Callaghan.
  8. If the repair is done properly, shouldn't matter. As much of a chance of the factory fcuking up when they weld the frame as an experienced frame repairer fcuking up the weld. What are your sources on this new leglislation? Can guarantee you'll see a lot more bike frame gouges being smoothed to minimise stress concentration and filled. What a waste of metal, resources, money and effort.
  9. I can see both sides to this.
    On one hand you have frame repairers like BME who can, and do, do a wonderful job, but there are also many 'backyard' jobs done on repairing frames I would bet. Should they be more regulated? I think yes. To get a damaged frame back on the road it should be repaired by a qualified tradesman. By that I mean some sort of engineer or metalurgist should be involved and have their name on the dotted line that this frame is now as good as it was when new.
    Also, with what little knowledge I have of metalurgy, I do know that any time a metal such as aluminium is 'worked', be that bent back, heated, welded, whatever, it's properties are changed, and therefor will not react as the design intended. Are repaired frames xrayed? Heat treated? I don't know, but they should be if you plan to propel it at 250kmh anywhere.
  10. The insurance companies will be spewing, and that will mean the number of stat write offs at auction will increae 10 fold. No more backyarders buying repairable write offs and bodging them up and onselling at a profit.
  11. Tweet's post is why the regs have come in, just check out Ebay.
    And Triway is right in that it is over reaction.
    Why a written off vehicle register could not include damaged and repaired frames I do not know.
    Would be very simple, frame gets repaired by certified shop with suitable paperwork, frame is reissued with existing numbers and away you go.
    It would mean people could still fix up bikes cheap, they'd just have to get the frame to a certified shop, and dodgey buggers would be shut down.

    But wait...maybe this is part of the whole "stunt the growth of motorcycles" thing some governments are looking at?

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Or driven by the industry trying to sell more new bikes?
  13. SO just to clarify this is only in VIC right?

    I know iff i crash my bike and i dont have insurance (belive it or not not everyone does) and my framae has a dent fcuk all chance in hell im guna declare it to anyone.
    Intead ill get someone/anyone to weld it for me cover it up with putty and paint.
  14. Definitely NOT, the industry hates it as it will make bikes more expensive and more paperwork to own/repair.

    The problem is that VicRoads decided dodgy repair should be stopped, but haven't made any real provision for showing a repair is not dodgy.
  15. Huh??? :?

    How does it makes new bikes more expensive? If they are selling more of them to insurance companies they would be able to make them cheaper with higher volume?

    Please explain?
  16. I've searched Vic Gov website & I can't find any media releases on this topic yet. Would be keen to know when this takes affect.

    I spoke to a mate of mine, who's also in the industry, and also knows Steve, he told me that he didn't think the Vic gov had completed their report yet. If they have then this is going to a massive effect the whole bike repair industry.

    Insurance prices will have to go up, as more bikes will be written off. :evil:

    But this new process should prevent the dodgy repairers, buying write offs & flogging them off on ebay.

    It may also make track day only bikes may become cheaper too. :wink:

    But, I reckon the 2nd hand parts market will be a way for them to save costs.

    Time to buy shares in a bike wreckers. :wink:
  17. There will be more stat write offs going to wreckers, and it will push prices down. What you will find is that bigger insurers who total loss a larger number of bikes will start sending them to auction interstate outside of VIC to circumvent the issue.

    This will also lead to people who drop their bikes yet only sustain cosmetic damage, and don't want it back to tap a dent into the frame, and oh look it's a write off. Will certainly assist those with bikes insured >$ than they could sell for, or financed and having trouble paying.

  18. No, not new bikes more expensive to buy, but it will make OWNING a bike more expensive. Higher insurance costs, for one. More people will want to buy oggy knobs or crash bars with their bike, also.
  19. From what I have heard down the grape vine...

    Bob Martin Motorcycle Engineering has brought this upon themselfs and there fore other motorcycle engineering places... and yes I know at least 3 other businesses in melbourne which will be effected by this... They (BME) have been audited by some one and I have no clue who and with what authority but that authority were looking at their methods and results when reparing alloy motorcycle frames... What they found was simple... the repairs were not up to standards... The odd thing is as far as I have heard they were the only ones tested and looked into, no other frame repairer was tested...

    I personaly have had 3 frames straighten by a backyard engineer... who does these sorts of repairs as a hobby, had developed his own techniques all based from years of expiriance both in the aircraft industry and the motorcycle industry...

    I think this is all some sort of ploy driven by external sources if not even a personal vendetta... We all have seen this sort of thing in the past...
  20. A mate of mine was telling me how aluminium on airplanes is welded.
    surely if that can be done. a simple bike frame would be easier.