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Fractured Coccyx -Timeframe?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know how long it roughly takes for a fractured coccycx bone to heal?

    Being that it cannot be pinned, plastered etc i understand that time is the only thing however i've been told varying times...

    Some have said 4-6 weeks - Some have said 2-3 months?
    and others have said it will never be the same again....

  2. Is the coccycx bone the same as Loz's errogenous zone complication ?

  3. Have you busted your arse?

    I did the Sacrum, which the coccyx connects to, in January last year. I was walking in about 3-4 weeks, but not without a lot of pain. Riding in about 6 weeks IIRC and back to doing most things by about 2 months.

    It still hurts if I sit on the ground or get boofed by footy players.
  4. Yep had an accident and busted my ass :cry:

    What makes it worse is that i have deep gravel rash on the left side of my ass as well so it makes life very difficult atm....

    Loz, what's IIRC?
  5. Aw shit that sucks Jamie. How's the bike?

    IIRC = if I remember correctly.

    Arse bones are f*cken awful to break - even worse for you when you've only got one side you can lie on. You discover how many things you need your hiney for. It's not too bad getting back on a sportsbike, because you can lean forward enough to get the weight off your tail - which was why I bought the ZX9.

    I've got a few DVDs and some bike p0rn if that'd help...
  6. Jamie, what the hell happened??? :shock:
  7. oh geez, hope you do have a speedy recovery jamie
  8. I've done mine in the past Jamie.

    It's just a bone, so should take around 4 x weeks to feel comfortable and 6 to be mostly healed. 2 - 3 months is about where you'll feel normal again but it'll never completely leave you, especially on cold days.
  9. :shock:
  10. 'Sorright, it hardly ever happens anymore. I blame Lara Bingle. Then again, she's getting married soon...
  11. <Incorrect post removed> :oops:
  12. Ouchies! Do you have to sit on one of those old grampa haemerroid rings?

    You've been given a varying time frame because fracture healing time really does vary from person to person. So as long as you do everything you've been told by your doctor it should minimise your healing time. I'm not too sure about this other stuff, but what about taking vitamin supplements like calcium and vitamin c to feed your bones?
  13. drink lots of milk =D
  14. So true !
    Also take calcium tablets.

    I did that for my bones recovery, and I think people would agree - those who have seen me while recovering from my accident and those who have seen me now.
  15. I had an Ortho out patients on monday, and the doctor said something I found strange- he said that people who have a head injury along with broken bones, the bones heal much quicker. He said they didn't know why it was that way, it just happens... :shock:
  16. Ha! I've had a couple of brain injuries and my last broken leg took a year and a half to heal..... maybe the old age has slowed the healing process?
  17. i had a coccycx injury once, not broken, but bloody painfull.

    hope ya heal up quick Dj
  18. few months bad, five years mild