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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. So with the moving to a new house, Minister for War and Finance has requested Foxtelbe considered....

    hmm...Motogp, Soccer, other good stuff.... ok sounds good.

    so anyone know a bit about this stuff?

    is the cable service the same as satellite? ie same channels available etc.

    and what is the difference between tings like TV1, TV1+2???

    new house has a dish already so that may mean it's easy to do.

  2. Cable & satelite, same end result.

    TV1 +2 is what was on TV1 two hours ago, repeated.

    We just got it a month ago and LOVE IT!

    Having the sat dish makes little difference as you get free installation anyway, but it will make it quicker to get probably.

    See you soon :)
  3. Best thing about Poxsmel is the "Viewers Choice" when the NRL has 2 live games.

    The IQ's ability to record and do time shift, pause live TV.

    The remote record where you can sit in front of your pc and select the programs you want to record then hit "send" and your weeks viewing is taken care of.

    Ok, so there is more than 1 good thing about foxtel :)
  4. so channels are the same?? we are keen to get a couple of channels that are digital only.....

    yep.looking forward to the move. we are doing the big move next Sat...making the 1st trip on Monday though.

    Already picked a favorite pub though!!...needed somewhere to eat after unpacking boxes from the car
  5. NRL can get stuffed :grin:

    Soccer (ie "real" football) in this household i'm afraid.

    yeah what the hell is this IQ thing??? i though tit was like a digital recorder but just for pay channels??

  6. ppfftttt, its very evident that you don't know TIT :rofl:
  7. actually, i know 2 very nice ones :twisted:
  8. Foxtel via Cable has all free to air Channels (except 31)

    Satellite does not broadcast Channels 7 and 10.
  9. Had cable and it was great, got sattelite now and when the weather is crap so is the reception
  10. Make it a must to get the IQ box.

    We've recorded so much stuff (and burnt it to a disc via a DVD recorder).

    It's great especially if you have kids. We've burnt hours of cartoons and shows for him.

    Another good thing is you can get packages (such as the sports channels) turned on and off when you want to. I sign up for the sports channels purely to get coverage of the NFL on ESPN. Once the seasons done I turn it off.

    They can also direct debit which is brilliant too. :)
  11. Well the house is cabled for FOXTEL.... got a coax outlet onthe wall and a dish on the roof. :)

    so i guess it's just a matter of working out how nuts we want to go with channel selection.

    so is this IQ thingywatsit available for satellite?? or just a cable service, not interested in getting cable through the place being just a rental property.
  12. I got FOX and love it. Got the whole package which is everything you can get on it :) The IQ box is wicked. As others have said recording so much and burning it makes it so much easier.

    I had the dish on the roof myself so it makes the installation process alot quicker for them to come out and connect it up for you. Took the guy about an hour to do mine :)

    Direct debit makes payments much easier as well but thats your choice. Having it come out of your bank each month is simple quick and easy.

    Good luck in deciding on what to get :)
  13. We got Austar which is exactly the same as foxtel, only it is for outer metro areas and we cant get the IQ thing, but thats ok as we have a dvd recorder with a hard drive in it that works just the same.

    Channel selection is a strange thing, as what you think you will watch isnt always the case. We initially thought we would watch the movies a lot, but found that we rarely watched a movie, and if we did we ussually just caught part of it as we flicked past. didnt really have time to schedule a time to sit and watch a whole movie. Cancelled the movie package, and saved some money.

    We would spend most of our tv watching time on the lifestyle channel, watching houses being designed, built, renovated, redecorated and demolished. a lot of other good shows on there as well. If we werent watching that we would watch Arena which had re-runs of all the best sit-coms.

    I am not sure why (possibly got bored) but we rarely watch either of those channels any more, and now we flick between Lifestyle Travel which has Miami Ink and a whole lot of great travel destinations, and the animal planet. Give it 6 months and we may be into something completely different.

    The best part of it though is getting the Moto GP and World Superbikes live. A bit late sometimes, but will catch up on sleep eventually.

    Hope you enjoy your new veiwing possibilities, just dont get overwhelmed by too much choice.

  14. so which channel are the GP races on..or do i need the whole sports package?
  15. Yep, you need 'My sport' the package.
  16. Cool, will satisfy my Soccer addiction as well then :)

    guess i just need to talk to them now
  17. IQ is the muts nuts.

    I have satellite and therefore don't get 7 or 10 unless I plug in my aerial or a STB, but I find I never watch commercial FTA anymore.

    I love my docos and history so I am in heaven when it comes to night time viewing. And of course, for totally useless TV I have E! which allows me to know who is sleeping with whom. The music channels are cool too.

    Pricey, but worth it.
  18. not sure IQ is worth the extra every month though.....

    sci fi channel better be available on satellite though.

    thanks guys

    looks like we have decided what we want... just got to sign up now.
  19. To be honest, the IQ has actually made Foxtel worthwhile. It is so easy to use, the remore record is great and the series link makes recording a set and forget idea. And the Live Pause is great too. I do the 'Instant Cache' as well, so it's always recording 60mins of whatever channel you are using. Invaluable when you see something you want to rewind back to.
  20. well we can afford about $70.. so basic package at 36 + 16 each for sport and entertainment channels uses up our buget nicely.... IQ is another 16 which is just too much at the moment

    will see though... time will tell.