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Foxtel alternatives

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbie55, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Have had foxtel for a few years now but in short they are cocks and I am keen to leave.

    There doesn't appear to be much if any competition though, only one I can think of is the Telstra TBox but it looks pretty ordinary and expensive at that. Does anyone use anything else?

  2. I rang Foxtel last week to cancel citing repetetive scheduling and high cost. The reduced my monthly bill so I would stay. Win!
  3. Call the cable guy (;
  4. I got a free upgrade, which then ended up costing $200, but then they will reduce it to $100 but slug my card $300. Then my agreed plan was meant to be $88 or something but costs $97. The call centre can't understand my bill and neither can I but apparently thats OK because its been paid so there is nothing to worry about.

    Check your accounts your win is likely to be a FAIL.
  5. ( eztv.it + uTorrent


    mytvnzbrss.com + an nzb downloader + a usenet server )


    ( MythTV


    XBMC )

    The other options are, Apple TV with TV shows and movies downloaded on demand, or a Tivo (no actual tv service, but lets you record the free to air stuff).
  6. I don't know anything about the Telstra T-box but I do know that Telstra part own Foxtel so guess which programming supplier they'd use.

    Do Optus vision still take customers? I know that a few years ago Optus and Telstra merged their feeds so that you could get programming from both services regardless of who your primary provider was. Might be a way of getting the same thing but different.
  7. Depends on what you have Foxtel for, there's a lot of choices now with the extra digital channels and bittorrent airlines...
  8. Best alternative is high speed internet.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I suppose I was looking for an alternative with a similar set up that is ready out of the box.

    From what I've seen there are some but with not much variety:
    *Fetch TV from iiNet,
    *Select TV
    *T-Box etc

    There have been others such as HULU that seem to have a bit more but apparently can be tricky as you need to set up a proxy that gives it a US IP address otherwise it wont give access to the content (FFS I have no idea what that actually means so probably best I steer clear of it. I love google but for an idiot like me it raises more questions than it answers)

    So let me rephrase, where can a technical dunce go to get a thingy that you plug into a tv that lets you watch a similar array of channels and is controlled with a remote that where you select channel up or down and volume up or down?
  10. I've got FetchTV, swapped over from Foxtel about a month ago, basically a set top box, recorder & streaming pay tv over your internet connection. Quota free, so it doesn't affect (effect?) your monthly download limit.

    Not as many channels as Foxtel, but mainly the ones I watch, so it's good for me.

    30 free movies every month (old & new), plus new release movies that you have to pay for.

    So far so good, watching less TV overall, but more movies & more shows I actually enjoy.

    I didn't look into the TBox because I wanted something cheaper, FetchTV is $29.95 rather than the 80 odd I was paying for Foxtel.

    Yep, FetchTV will do that. You do need an internet connection for it though, but I'm sure you can manage that ;)
  11. did you have to get BoB or just through your current connection?
  12. I already had the BoB, but you can do it with a standard modem.
  13. Internet + MythTV = WIN!


    I've been running Mythbuntu for years and have never even contemplated getting Foxtel, all you need is a decent internet connection and lots of storage space.
  14. Huge 150gig download allowance
  15. OK so take me through these options, am I linking my pc to my tv (somehow), what sort of internet connection should I have? How much data allowance should have(piece of string?) Can I use a remote if and/or do I need an add on to my pc with a remote?

    Thanks for the info bear with me, just a basic run down so I have somewhere to start from am happy to do the rest of the research myself
  16. try this

    looks interesting, certainly a better option (to me) than fox/optus
  17. I run a HTPC into the TV and find that even with free-to-air my list of unwatched shows grows rather than shrinks. Add to that all the FTA broadcasters' iView websites for stuff I forgot to record and that's plenty for me. We don't watch much sport on TV though so YMMV
  18. $100 western digital media player with remote and video out.
    Connect a portable USB hard disk.

    Use bit torrent to grab all the media you want and save to your portable drive.
  19. Can someone explain mythtv in laymans terms?
    The site is way too geeky.
  20. I'll cheat and simply copy from Wikipedia:

    MythTV is a free open source home entertainment application with a simplified "10-foot user interface" design for the living-room TV, and turns a computer with the necessary hardware into a network streaming[2] digital video recorder, a digital multimedia home entertainment system, or Home Theater Personal Computer.[3] It can be considered as a free and open source alternative to Tivo[4] or Windows Media Center. It runs on various operating systems, primarily Linux/Mac/FreeBSD.[5]

    Did that help?