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Fox's Off: The Aftermath

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by foxtwo, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. So as some of you from VIC will know I had an off recently. Nothing major, just bike damage (no riding gear damage).

    I ride a 2010 Hyosung GT650S (the semi-faired one) and here is the damage:

    Bent handlebar
    Bent radiator (causing me to hit the radiator with the fork when using full right lock).
    Heavy scratched and cracked front left fairing
    Medium scratched left hand engine cover
    Lightly scratched tank (PS didn't see that)*
    Lightly scratched rear panel (PS didn't see that)*
    Lightly scratched left hand rear indicator (otherwise working fine)
    Broken left hand front indicator (already have a new one)*
    There is a little scratch on the right hand front panel (PS didn't see that)*
    Scratched left handlebar end
    Scratched gear level

    * = not included in quote.

    The quote totalled $1606.28 with everything that they saw and which wasn't marked with * up there. This also includes the miscellaneous nut and bolt.

    After taking off everything I don't want replaced (like the engine cover... $125.10+10% GST) and the radiator guard which they charge $199+10% GST for (I got it for $120 I think). The guard can be salvaged anyway because it's only bent a bit, can probably bend it back (if not I'd go OzzieMoto anyway to get it again).

    ANYWAY... after taking everything off (including 1.5/4 hours of labour it comes to $811.745 incl. GST.

    I've called everything two wheels to get a comparison but they didn't answer or call back yet.

    My bike is going in soon to fix a minor scratch from the delivery, so I'll probably drop it in then at PS to get fixed what I want unless ETW calls back and has a significantly lower price (for $50 difference I'll probably stay at PS, but if it's $100 it's another story).

    EDIT: Arc would be happy to know I did pick up a back protector ;)
  2. The important thing is you walked away from it with little to no injury to yourself but a bruised body and a bruised ego.

    Had a friend of mine tell me he came off yesterday - e-braking on tram tracks in the wet (get ya every time!) and he says his frame sliders saved the bike (GSX650F) from any damage at all! Again for himself, bruised pride and a bruised elbow.

    So if you're going to get it put in for some repairs, I'd recommend you also get the frame sliders/ocky knobs (whatever they're called!) put on as well.

    Here's hoping that you don't need 'em in the future!
  3. Is this an insurance job???

    If not just get the bits yourself from www.hyosungsource.com and save yourself a grand...
  4. i cant beleive ps missed the scratches we could see them in the dark oh thats right its ps
  5. No it's not... my excess is made up for $400 standard + $300 age + $300 learner = $1100.

    The parts actually seem reasonably cheap if you ask me, it's just the labour which adds up.

    Also remember that it's the lower figure we're actually speaking off right now, not the 1600 figure.
  6. Then do it yourself there's nothing difficult there, and if you buy from the site I posted you'll save at least 50% on the parts I recently replaced the stator on my hyo PS price $320 hyosurce $105 delived to my door...
  7. They don't actually have anything that I need (except fairing, but they don't have my colour and it's only like $10 cheaper).

    Don't see handlebar, don't see radiator... those are the main issues at the moment.
  8. Not sure about the handlebar, doesn't look quite the same shape as mine - but it is ~$40 cheaper.

    Also the radiator is actually cheaper at PS, and this one is silver whilst mine is black.

    I'll see if I can make a scan of the quote later when I get home.
  9. Then it'll be this one http://www.hyosungsource.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66&products_id=540 the older chrome one dearer a $70 though

    The Black ones on there somewhere I saw it recently. I was looking for one for mine, don't need it now though...

    Any way if PS are cheaper it's interesting they may have worked out that the internet exists and they can't steal from their customers anymore...
  10. Yeah only for parts maybe... and an indicator will still set you back about $64 (whilst top L/H faring is $74 :S)

    I got the indicator for $34 though because they stuffed up and gave me an old one first (didn't realise until I got home and they were closed...).

    Handlebar is actually the other one you posted before then, do the GT650S and GT650 have the same bar?

    If only they had the fairings in silver, I'd probably get the side ones as well to make it a fully faired GT650S :p

    Just out of interest, do you have the top box that they list here? (or the smaller one) If so, how are they?
  11. Yeah the N and S have the same bars, contact them they may well have the fairings in Silver, but I did hear that it may be a Australia only colour...

    I had the smaller one although I didn't get it from them, was ok seem to survive being thrown down the F3 ok last week...
  12. You may be right because the panel under the seat where you open the back was scratched but we didn't see it at delivery. They don't make that in silver so they now finally (since December) know that they are going to get in the panel and send it to the painters... that was the quickest way because they said otherwise my bike would be needed for about a week (which is not acceptable... I love netrider rides too much to miss out ;)).

    Does it look alright on the bike as well? I'm thinking of getting the 48L one so I can ride to uni and put my backpack in the box (and my helmet when I'm at uni).
  13. I had the little one I thought it looked ok, after all it's a big plastic box how good can it look.

    There's a pic somewhere on korider i just can't find it at the moment...
  14. Yeah after talking with, and see the top box my friends dad has on his Kawasaki Voyager (50L) I decided on the small one.

    Is it easy to take on and off or is it a hassle?

    I sent them a quote for the parts and the box (to see if it fits my bike) so fingers crossed :)
  15. Shipping is ridiculous with these guys.

    Handlebar in excess of $100 inc. shipping. Top box is cheaper than the shipping cost to send it.

    I will just get it done at PS. I'll tell them to order the parts and proceed from there.
  16. hyosungsource are pretty cheap as far a shipping goes. As I said I can normally get parts delivered for at least half Hyo Aus prices.

    The Box I got from ebay, and most people replace the stock bars with MotoX ones anyway...
  17. They seem to be about the same price for me :S

    Also, which bars would you get from MotoX