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Fox Creek Leather USA and Grayson Jacket (reviewed)

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by lucb, May 25, 2009.

  1. Just got delivery of my new jacket.
    After a bit of thinking and trusting a lot of reviews I decided to risk ordering a jacket without trying it on (i know) and over the web (i know) ..

    I really wanted a leather jacket that had no branding but could not find any in my local stores. Then did some web hunting...
    I really liked a couple of the Dainese jackets from the front but they insist on whacking their logo on the back..
    There were also a couple of A* jackets that i liked (esp the NYC Jacket) but
    in the end however I kept coming back to the Grayson Jacket from Fox Creek leather.

    Naked leather of a decent thickness. Classic lines. A really nice look.

    Well, I am a very happy boi.

    I sent it to a hotel in LA where a friend who was in the states at the time was able to do a visual on it just in case..
    Delivery was prompt and I was able to track it via UPS.

    Quality was very very good.
    The leather is lovely and the stitching and hardware are all great.
    The liner is a little warmish for tepid sydney atm but may be handy a couple of days a year..
    The slots for armour are OK.. my elbow bits are not quite right yet but Ill hold back judgment on that for now..
    The fit is really good and was based on their recommendation after i submitted my measurements.

    I would be very happy wearing it off an on the bike.. and even wearing it out.
    Happy enough to write it up.

    You can see it here..

    www (dot) foxcreekleather (dot) com (slash) 777.html

  2. Thanks for the review, I'm very close to doing the exact same thing with their Vented Racing Jacket. Still it's a pretty iffy prospect spending so much money ordering a jacket you can't try on for size and cut.

    But I've been looking around everywhere down here and can't find a jacket that's "just right" (and therefore justifies spending hundreds on it). So I perhaps going out on a limb is the best way to go.
  3. Nice work lucb

    I'll be looking for something similiar come summer time. I only have the wet weather winter gear as I'm a new rider

    Thx for the review & info
  4. I am also a fairly easy fit for jackets in terms of length of arms and back and off the rack is generally pretty reliable for me so I that added to the decision.

    I think it is pretty risky and was really anxious but am pleased with the outcome.

    By the way.. there was no real price advantage.. the real plus was the quality of the leather and the styling. If I had found something I liked locally I would have gone for it..

    begin rant --->

    That said.. if any Aussie vendors are reading this.. the website makes a HUGE difference.. most Aussie sites are still in the very first generation of dodge brothers web v.0.2

    Good photos, a good website and reliable replies to emails really get my business.

    many of us sit down at night (sometimes with a beer .. or bourbon. or just a nice tea) and we browse some sites .. do some research and then sometimes spend some big dollars. Good websites do bring in some bucks.. and Fox Creek went from zero to hero in the last couple of years through online presence alone, some good Google ranking and some good products.

    Want a shot at my $ .. get your websites up to scratch..

    end of rant <----