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Fowles pranged bike auctions

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ibast, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. From time to time we get someone asking about the value of repairing a smashed bike.

    I hadn't been to an auction for a while so I decided to go the the Fowles one in Moorebank the other day, just for a perve.

    My random thoughts are:

    - Bikes generally went for too much.

    - The reserves were set high too, although, from what I saw all bids that were refered were accepted later in the auction (they phone the seller on the spot).

    - The bikes were much worse then the photos on the net indicated. Kind of obvious really but just in case someone is thinking "that bike looks like nothings wrong with it"

    - Sports bikes in horrendous condition still went for high prices. I assume they just become parts.

    - one example of this was a gxsr1000 that i just walked past. I guessed it'd be worth about $1000. It went for $8600. Now without looking I'm guessing you'd pick one up, a couple of years old for $12000 and that would be registered. So there is no way this bike was going to be put back on the road (an absolutely trashed r1 went for $7300 too)

    - There were some bargains to be had, but you had to have an open mind about the type of bike you wanted and how perfect you wanted it.

    -An examples of this would be the R80. It needed a frame straighten and the paniers and mounts needed to be thown in bin and new rear indicators. Rego and on road and that was it. $1800. From memory it had 43000k and thats just run in for one of the old twins.

    Other goodish buys were:
    Zx9 with roughly $3-5000 damage for $2500
    Daytona roughly $2-3500 damage for $3700
    SV650 with $1500-2500 damage for $1700.

    so my tips are; stay away from the popular bikes and be willing to not repair everything (who cares if the side cover has scuff mark on it or the panel is repaired rather than new) and you can come out ahead. But keep in mind your on-road costs and that the resale will not be as good.

    I hope this helps

  2. No but it might come in handy for re-birthing a stolen one perhaps.
  3. I was going to have a look at some of those. but i figured they would be overpriced and trashed. I'm very skeptical when things seem too good to be true.
  4. I dont know what the permit is called, but nring one of these wrecks back to life and registering it requires an engineers report and then you need a certificate that costs arm loads from VICroads before you can re rewegister it, they are trying to stamp out rebirthing of wrecks.
  5. Having just completed this process i can actually comment on the above in an informed manner.

    When purchasing a written off bike, you do NOT need an engineer's certificate. You need to obtain a VIV certificate essentially stating that the damage that was present on the bike when it was written off has been repaired - and the associated costs in replacing those parts can be attributed to receipts (indicating parts not stolen / rebirthed / dodgied). The VIV costs $330 and can be booked through Vic Roads.

    You also need the mandatory RWC cert, but we all knew about that.
    The registration process is a little more convoluted than standard registration but aside from that it's all easy.

    All in all, i ended up with a bargain bike and all i did was a few cosmetic repairs and hunt down a few parts.
  6. I went to the Auctions at Fowles a few years back.
    The same was happening then, re price for wrecks.
    An RGV Suzuki that had gone in that hard. About the only thing you could salvage from it, would be the rear wheel valve tit. It went for megga $$$. We were amazed. Maybe all they wanted was the tags. Cos they had a hot one at home, get my drift.
    Besides that, I do know guys who have done very well from rebuilding bikes. I also know those who didnt see hidden damage. So yes you can get a good cheapish bike, or a lemon that owes you way to much & it looks like a heap of sh*t
  7. Hey Dan.
    I was at Fowles yesterday getting a car. I had a quick look at the bikes. Did you notice what the Black GT250R Hyosung & the silver ZZR 600 went for.
  8. There are two types of write off's,

    A "repairable write-off" or a "structual wreck"

    If the latter, they stamp the compliance plate with SW. This is to aparently avoid "rebirthing" How well it works I don't know.
  9. I havn't got those bikes on my list but this was at Moorebank in Sydney.

    There was 2 silver zzr250's $1100 and $900.

    there was a newer sv650 $1700 and an older sv650s at $1700. Both not bad value
  10. Yeah - thought about this for a track bike...but those prices are still a tad high I reckon....If that's the case I might wait another couple of years and just turn my present bike into a track bike and buy a new one to replace it....

  11. Doing up a bike

    Just going to ramble a load of crap about this topic for a bit, because I want to. Not meanng to cause any ill feel to those that have bought a wreck and had it all work out either. I says Well Done to thoses that have.

    Here goes...

    A mate of mine, who I have much respect for, bought a CBR600F4 2000 (Same bike as my ride at the time) from the auctions for I think $3600 back in 2002. He's an engineer and really know's his stuff and had the tools to repair the bike and most importantly the space.

    Well it's 2006 and the bike has been on the road for a little over a year and he thinks the world of it. But and this is a big but,

    - It took ages to fix, more than two years on & off and I shudder to think how much time in labour that would have been if he'd been on wages.

    - It piss*d his wife off to no end (also a fellow rider)

    - It still needs a pain job.

    - Bit's just keep braking or giving up the ghost on it, even now.

    I don't know if it's worth it, unless you live in a bike shop. I believe he's paid a lot on odds and sods too. All up I bought my CBR600F4 for just on $8500 in 2001 (Was a steel I admit) and sold it in 2004 and his bike still wasn't on the road. I'm guess he's paid close to that anyway or the saving isn't all that much.

    I personally don't think it's worth the all the pain, unless you do it for a track bike (Lower time issues & on-road cost issues). I really think in time and money he probably spend more than I did on my A1 bike.

    Still he loves it and that's what counts, just wish it wouldn't keep breaking down when we are out.

    Just ramblings...hopes ya understand.... :grin:
  12. Bike Auctions...... How much to pay

    The R6 track bike that someone else has fixed up has got me thinking. How much do these written off bikes go for? I know that it varies but generally
    60 ?, 70 ?, 80? % of the normal price ??

    Any idea would be great. :grin:
  13. way too much ............. too many tossers bid on em