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fourth lane on monash now open

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smee, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. What a difference it makes to the commute, no need to filter slow or non moving traffic, the traffic flow is superb as opposed to when that fourth lane was closed. From Bourke road to the Westgate Bridge took 20 minutes today and it's been like that all week, superb!!!!!
    Only slowdown was near the punt road exit, for some reason traffic was banked up on the exit lane.

  2. Yes it took a while...
    It seemed they had it closed for too long but there was plenty of work happening underneath which I'd see because I regularly take Gardners Creek shared pathway that hangs under the flyover through the St Kevins College area.
  3. The underside needed strengthening in order to accommodate the extra traffic.
    The road will be resurfaced in the next month or so when the weather dries up a bit as it's too wet to do so currently.
  4. is it still 80 ?
  5. yep, will remain 80 due to it's design.
    It's not a Fwy anymore and more of a motorway.
    Increasing it to 4 lanes has removed emergency lanes in many places.
    Fwy's require emergency lanes.

    They did the same thing on the Calder Fwy from the ring rd to the Melton turn off. Peak traffic was horrendus so removed the emergency lane, increased it to 3 lanes and dropped limit from 100 to 80.

    Travelling at 80 is better than 30 in a 100k zone I suppose.
    Trouble is, it feels painfully slow in no traffic.
  6. The RACV is pressuring the Guv'ment to restore the 100 limit between Toorak & Burke Rds as that section has an emergency lane in place.

    With an Election at the end of next month it may well occur in the week or two prior??
  7. Amazing that a country road 1 lane wide with unstable shoulders is considered OK for 100 but a 3/4/5 lane freeway is not...
  8. Sonds like the roads between Laverton, Werribee, Melton & Rockbank.

    All used to be single lane bitumen or just gravel and 100, now two lanes of nice sealed road and 80......
  9. I hate it when they increase the speed in sections that are locked by lower speed limits on each side. All it does is create bottle necks where it slows down again.