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Four40's new ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Four40, May 12, 2008.

  1. Well, after all the jumping through hoops to get my loan approved and several visits to the bike shop, I finally have my first ride.

    A nice 2007 Kawasaki KLE500. I only have my phone with me, but it took a decent enough picture. I will be getting better shots later on (also resize a few for forum use), but for now it's all :grin: for me.



    -Edit- Added thumbnails and link
  2. Nice bike Four40, congratulations on the new purchase. It's good to see more people buying dual purpose bikes :)
  3. Nice bike,

    Looks like a lot of fun is to be had.
  4. Nice bike man. Looks great - i've always had a soft spot for the KLE500 :)
  5. Looks GREAT for a dual purpose bike.
  6. Looks like versatility plus with that bike.
  7. Well done on the purchase mate.
    Good thing its a kwaka!
  8. Not a bad looking jigger mate. Well done :)
  9. Noice bike Four40, you'll have to give us a report when you have clocked up a few Ks.

    And don't forget to chuck it in the Garage :)
  10. congrats, you really need to get to the act coffee night held at tilleys in lyneham, there a bunch of dual purpose riders that go out semi regulary and do the fire trails up around the brindys
  11. Great choice!! :)

    Had mine for just over 2 months now and loving it, I can see it lasting me for a long time. As a learner I like the torque this motor produces, it is very forgiving and great for commuting. I am looking forward to taking it off road at some point too.

    Check out http://www.motorradgarage.com.au they do some aftermarket stuff for the KLE, also Staintune do a direct replacement muffler for it too. :twisted:

    Have fun!

  12. I couldn't just let the bike sit and look good, so when I go home late last night, I have my first and consequently my 9th tour of my circuit :)

    For the most part, I felt fine, decent speed (for me) and almost had perfect positioning through corners. I've not had that much adrenalin pumping through me for a long time. Even after that short little test ride, getting off was almost a fall on the ground event.

    Tonight I may even take the bike over to a friends, I usually walk. There's only a short stretch of 80km/h road (that'd be what, 4th or 5th gear?) then it's back to the standard 60 or 40k on suburb streets. 7:30pm usually is quiet-ish and there are pull in lanes for turning etc.

    Everyone is offering encouragement but damn, it's all very 8-[ for me.
  13. Nice ride 40! I too sat on that bike out at CMC, although ended up with a Kawasaki ER5 myself.
    Almost in the same boat as yourself although just a bit behind, had my first big ride yesterday and everything you say is 100% spot on.
  14. I have found that you do need to make sure it is tipped over before you leave it alone on the stand.

    It is a good bike, (Biased in every which way :D )
    And suprisingly capable as well.. :D
  15. nice bike bro..
    got mono written all over it :p
    lol jks
    ride safe
  16. Huge fan of the KLE's, very nice styling, and surprisingly able for what they are, plus good on the roads. They'd make an excellent commuter. Love that colour as well.
    The old Ninja 500 engine lives on and on! :LOL:
    If Kawasaki made one around 750cc's, I would seriously consider one, especially at the price teh KLE's are going for.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Since the tires are dual purpose, will they wear quicker then usual road bike tires on standard tarmac roads?
  18. They do make an excellent commuter bike, the tall riding position gives great visibility and I love the way it will trundle along at almost idle revs in 2nd and all you have to do is twist the throttle open and it takes off without a single complaint!

    You kind of have to, they were never sold in Aus in any other colour, shame because in Europe they had some great colour options.

    Not for much longer, this is the end of the line for the KLE (again), hence the cheap prices at the moment. In Europe the Versys has kind of replaced it but that is less dual purpose.

    The KLR650 is the closest you will get, but that is a single pot.
  19. I've had my bike since Monday and managed to do 65km around the suburban streets. Most side streets are 50km/h and the main street is 60km/h. It's a decent stretch, with a few long sweeping corners and a large school zone.

    During the week, I'd do a couple of loops, building up my confidence at 60km/h and working on shifting, braking etc. Push to cancel indicators are a god send, I've only had a few occasions where I still had my indicator on, but fortunately there was no other traffic around. My main concern is down shifting, I've had compression lock a few times, at low speed and in a upright position.

    Did some low speed stuff in a local car park, the kwaka is really good at tight u-turns. Did some loops and figure 8's, right handers are a bit sketchy, but I'll work that out soon enough.

    So today, while doing my loops, I decided to take a left hand turn and head towards Johnson drive, a 80km/h road. I gave myself plenty of time and room to reduce my speed, flicked the indicator and turn onto the road. This particular stretch is uphill, so it gave me a good go at changing up. Wow, the side mirrors get a fair bit of vibration in them, but what a rush. Crested the hill, slowed down for the roundabout (not a smooth slow down, but the anchors did their job well). A quick stretch up to speed again and turned back into my suburb.

    Well, I was well pleased with my progress. My little brother was having a bbq at his place and I though "stuff it, it's pretty quiet on the roads, I'm gunna ride over". It's a 10k or so trip, with mainly round abouts and 'traffic calming islands' dotted around the place.

    The trip over started well, found a good sized gap in the traffic and accelerated out of the slip lane. Now I can see how people get caught speeding, as my needle was a smidge over 80, oops. First round about, big, lots of vision and I went straight through. Cornering and roundabouts are fun :D . After than a good stretch of straight road and oops, did it again, this time I'm sitting on 100km. After a gentle roll off, I'm back to legal speed. Shit that creeps up fast.

    The rest of the trip was very enjoyable, the small tight 'traffic calming islands' roundabouts, I really had a chance to get some good leaning in. It's almost over too fast. Towards the end of the trip over, there are two roundabouts in a row. I stopped for the first one, and straight through the second one. My first encounter with the absent minded or just plain lazy cager, a car decided that they were going to do a right hand turn around the roundabout. I was scanning well ahead and had plenty of time to get through. My mum was driving behind me and said that the guy went around with indicating, she had to stop.

    Got to my brothers house, slowly rolled down his drive way and parked. My first road ride was done and I did pretty damn good. The bike handles very well, the seating position is comfortable and it gets up to speed quickly, (perhaps I'd better learn to be a bit lighter on the throttle, for safety's sake.)

    The return trip was pretty much the same, except this time, an impatient cager cut through the inside lane of the roundabout to get past me. Again, I'd seen him in my mirrors and knew he was up to something. It's not a nice feeling to see that much car in your mirrors. I let him pass and got home with only one mini compression lock. I really need to work on not doing that.

    I'll leave riding to work for a little while longer, build up a few nice loops around this side of town and see if I can get a buddy along for a ride. Still, considering that this is my first form of motorised transport, I'm very happy with the progress for my first week (odo is up to 90.5).
  20. It is a great feeling isn't it?! :cool:

    So, what do you mean by "compression lock"??