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four stroke 250 singles to fit xl 175 frame

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rabbito, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Gday all,
    I have been working on a little '76 honda xl 175 for my wife to plonk around on.The bike has only some cosmetic issues but otherwise it starts first kick and runs fine. Being so old I'm thinking some parts are going to be hard to source...so I'd like to try and make a list of 250 size donks that will fit into the frame without too much drama.
    Can anyone help out?

  2. Ah, right.... it starts fist kick, runs fine...so you want to replace it?

    Sorry mate but I am getting on in years and don't always understand these thing.
  3. the engine is rattly and drinks a bit of oil...so eventually I'd like to put a bigger engine into the frame...heres a piccy after the beauty tratment

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  4. why change:-/
  5. Do the maths...a forty year old engine is likely to be hard to source spares for...plus every rider will want more power after getting used to their first bike.
    So...Im thinking that a recent single such as a GN or SR 250 might fit.