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Four injured in major freeway crash

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Code:
    A car was sheared in half and four people were injured, one critically, in a collision involving three cars on the Monash Freeway in Melbourne's south-east.
    A northbound car crossed the median strip, ploughed through a wire barrier and struck two southbound cars on the freeway at Doveton, near Dandenong, about 10.30pm (AEST), police said.
    The driver of the northbound car, a 22-year-old man, was flown by helicopter to The Alfred hospital in a critical condition.
    His car split in two from the force of the impact, police said.
    Three others were seriously injured.
    The male driver of one of the southbound cars was taken by road to The Alfred hospital.
    A man and a woman in the other southbound car were taken by road ambulance to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
    The freeway was blocked between Heatherton Road and the Belgrave-Hallam Road but has since reopened to traffic.
    Major collisions police will investigate the cause of the crash.
    And they say that WRB save lives. Sure, if the car has washed off significant speed. :roll:

  2. The Argument that will be given by those who support WRBs is that it would have been much worse without them…
  3. Phew, saved by a single word there vic.
  4. i was just trying to figure that out too :?

    thanks for clearing that up, though
  5. Not at all.

    I posted it to highlight the failure of the WRB as Riders have lobbied against their use.
  6. I would call that speculation about an incident you have no first hand knowledge of, the very thing that has been cited as a reason for the rule in the first place. No?

    I hate a devil's advocate as much as the next person, but too late, I've said it.
  7. This post is not about the accident, it's purpose is to highlight the possible dangers of WRBs in use on our roads.

    Chill Guys. Don't ya have something more constructive to do?
  8. +1

    no it's speculation about the incident, and why the wirerope barriers didn't work, no difference to saying passed a accident, where speed might of been involved.....
  9. Vic is 'technically' correct...
    it's not a rider down thread...
    and that's the best kind of correct!

    No other kind of correct annoys people anywhere near as much :LOL:
  10. I poop myself everytime i ride past those wirerope barriers, a simple getoff into them could mean the End!
    Fkn stupid idea. :cry:
  11. I can remove it completely if you so desire.

    I can make it black and white. Easy.

    Would that make things better?

    WRB are a contentious issue for riders. I posted it highlighting their apparent failure. If they fail to save car drivers then they are only there to kill and/or maim those motorcyclists that hit them.

    Of course if you are just being a twat coz an admin posted such a thread then you need to get a life. ;)
  12. Im with Falconlord - can see this only strengthening the argument against.

    Just found this article on wire rope barriers in NZ...take note the author is most likely biased...however he raises good points for the use of concrete barriers.

    Concrete barriers safest option By: MCGUIRE, Patrick, Dominion Post, The, 11759488, Mar 26, 2008

  13. imo you should be able to post about any accident, then if those involved/concerned request it be pulled, it should be pulled with a note in the thread saying removed by off those involved. Simple as i see it :)
  14. WRB's aren't perfect and neither is guard railing or concrete walls. People will die no matter what kind of barrier they hit depending on the way they hit the barrier.

    I noticed driving back from Morwell on Sunday arvo that someone heading outbound on the Monash near Stud Rd had gone through the trees and nailed the WRB on our side of the freeway but the WRB did it's job and saved a possible multi car head on collision with an impact speed of near enough to 200km/h......
  15. blah blah blah.

    it's "his" sand pit and if you don't like... isn't that how it goes?
  16. hit the motherfcuker over the head with the shovel :LOL:
  17. No wire rope in Vics sand pit.
  18. Those whingers who go on and on about the accident being posted.
    PURPOSE of the post is to highlight wire rope barriers.
    It is NOT in contravention to the T&C's.
    those of you who have had a dig at Vic pull yer farkin heads in and grow up.
    It's always the same frickin whingers and it's getting boring.
    don't like the rules?
    Piss off!
  19. :WStupid: Mostly