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Found Them: Rolly Rego Sticker Tubes...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. We were talking the other week (I think in Edgelettes custom Hornet thread) about these 'rolly rego sticker tubes'. Finally figured out where I saw them, last months Two Wheels (06/06). Doesn't say on the site, but in TW it says that they are $28.00.

    Here's the link:



    The site claims they are legal, but I'm not so sure. What do you reckon??
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  3. Yep going to order on of the illuminated ones. Nice and neat as opposed to the plastic "trailer" rego label holder.
  4. Was still just a little unsure of the legality of a rolled up rego label, so I did a bit of a search on the relevant laws and found this:

    17 Registration labels

    (1) If the Authority registers a registrable vehicle it must issue a registration label.
    (2) A registration label:
    (a) issued in respect of a motor vehicle (other than a motor vehicle referred to in paragraph (b)) must include:
    (i) the registration number of the vehicle, and
    (ii) its make, and
    (iii) its model or body type (whichever is the more descriptive), and
    (iv) its VIN or, if there is no VIN, any chassis number and engine number, and
    (v) the expiry date of the vehicle’s registration, and
    (vi) if the vehicle is conditionally registered—the conditions to which registration of the vehicle is subject, in coded form, and
    (vii) the vehicle’s GVM (if applicable to the vehicle concerned), and
    (viii) the vehicle’s GCM (if applicable to the vehicle concerned), and
    (ix) if the vehicle is a heavy vehicle—the applicable charging category for the vehicle under the Road Transport (Heavy Vehicles Registration Charges) Act 1995 in coded form, or
    (b) issued in respect of a trailer or a motor vehicle without a windscreen or fixed windows must be in a form approved by the Authority.
    Note. In relation to subclause (2) (a) (vi), a list of codes will be available from the Authority.
    A registered operator will receive full written explanation of the conditions applying to the vehicle when the registration label is issued.

    (3) A registration label must be affixed:
    (a) in the case of a motor vehicle fitted with a windscreen or fixed windows:
    (i) to the lower left (or near side) portion of the front windscreen, or
    (ii) to any fixed window on the left (or near) side of the vehicle, and
    (b) in the case of a caravan or other trailer:
    (i) on or adjacent to the vehicle’s number-plate in such a manner that the characters on the number-plate are not obscured, or
    (ii) if the vehicle has a fixed rear window or a hinged rear window that is to be closed when the caravan or other trailer is being towed—to that window, in a location as close as possible to the vehicle’s number-plate, and
    (c) in any other case—on or adjacent to the vehicle’s rear number-plate in such a manner that the characters on the number-plate are not obscured.
    (4) Despite subclause (3), the registration label must be affixed so that the information on the label is readable from the outside of the vehicle.
    (5) Despite subclause (1), the Authority is not required to issue a registration label in respect of a registrable vehicle that is operated by a State or Territory or the Commonwealth or by an authority of a State or Territory or the Commonwealth.
    (6) If necessary, and on payment of any applicable gazetted fee, the Authority may issue a registration label to the person in whose name a registrable vehicle is registered to replace a registration label that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

    Nothing specific to say it's not cool, so I guess it's legal.
  5. $65.00 for a rego holder :shock: think i will stick with the current one mounted on the swing arm, although i also love stupid things to throw lots of money at :grin:
  6. They have these at Bikebiz parramatta (NSW) so they should be on their website shop too.
  7. The information pete the freak posted is not correct for Victoria.

    See Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 1999 (Vic), rule 223(4). It states that a registration label must be affixed...

    (c) in the case of a motor cycle—in a suitable holder—
    (i) to the left side of the motor cycle so that the front of the label faces
    outwards from the motor cycle; or
    (ii) to either the handle bar on the left side of the motor cycle or to the centre of the front of the motor cycle in a position as near as practicable to the top of the steering head so that in either case the front of the label faces towards the front of the motor cycle.

    (If the formatting of the above text is wonky, it's because I've done a copy/paste from a pdf. Sorry.)

    I have my label mounted on the left side of the swingarm.
  8. You'd be pretty stiff to get busted for having the label displayed in the wrong place.
  9. Yeah, sorry Gromit. Should've mentioned that is was from the NSW Legislation Website... :oops:
  10. I reckon that these things are out there with oggy knobs, fluro/neon lights in windscreen wipers and huge rear window brake lights that display "STOP" when you hit the picks...

    Oh, and those rubber straps that dangle down behind cars, allegedly to stop static electricity or you getting carsick or whatever...
  11. You're probably just as better off not displaying ANY rego label. The fine is less than the cost of this holder (although that's no longer certain here in Vic now that fines are linked to CPI)...
  12. Just dreaming now, but can you get ones of those with "Stay off my arse you bastard!!"??

    :LOL: :LOL:
  13. It happens...

    I know of at least 3 people who that's happened to. If they feel like being bastards they'll do it. :evil:

    One was booked by a Deputy Commissioner who pulled him over and booked him. :roll:
  14. i know a place selling the Oberon billet ones.

    Will get prices for anyone interested?