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Found the off-road limits of street tyres today

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Mick M, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Did a bit of adventure touring in the Cathedral State Park today. Took a left hook, off the access road that leads into the park and camping ground, onto something that looked almost like a fire road and found some muddy, grassy, puddly bits I had to push on through, to get to my desired destination.

    That's when I reached the limits of grip on my Pirellis. The front began to slide sideways, then the rear followed. I kept it upright, just, but it made for some interesting times.
    A couple of times I had to stop, then the rear just spun up even while slipping the clutch. It was entertaining and scary all at once. I had to use my feet to 'walk' the bike through the muck while judiciously applying throttle.
    Riding alone meant that if it all went to s**t, a rescue would take a while. Failure was not an option.

    I'd love to fit some dual-sport rubber to this bike, but I don't think there's anything available. If anyone knows different, I'd be keen to hear it.

    Front - 110/70-17
    Rear 130/70-17
    Tubeless rims.

    I understand that bike geometry, weight distribution, ground clearance and short, stiff suspension were all working against me, but I can't help thinking that more aggressive rubber would have made the job easier.

    p.s. Happy to be proven wrong.

    p.p.s. There will be a more dirt-friendly steed in my stable at some point in the future, but in the meantime...
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  2. theres some awesome videos of Ducattis and r1's getting around on knobby and dirt.... Not for me I reckon.
  3. Stay on the black stuff until it dries out a bit... Then fit a 140/70 rear.
  4. Not sure what bike your on, but i've found Mitas tyres to be fairly good. E07 is a 50/50 tyre or the E08 30/70 tyre.
  5. Have to say my curiosity about doing something like this disappeared around about the time I first saw this video....

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  6. yeah but the R1 on the Ice is an awesome movie.
  7. Bridgestone Battlewings do both road and dirt very well on the Suzuki V-Strom. Don't know about fitting your sizes though.
  8. Put on knobby tyres, take off the front guard to stop the wheel binding and you'll be surprised where your bike will go. You might also be disappointed at how much the damage you collect will cost to fix, too, if you push it too far, or how much it hurts to push your bike back to the road with a bruised shoulder and busted ribs after coming off on rocks in road gear.
    Of course you could have a wow of a time, too. Your choice.
  9. Off road tyres:
  10. The only thing that effects me offroad is grip in mud and fairing damage if it goes down. Had some fun on tour with the GS BMWs came along,fire roads are easy.Can get a bit nervous on corrugations and sand as well and thats on a 30 year old Italia Sports Bike.