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Found the friction point!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Eli-loca, May 30, 2015.

  1. Omg! I'm feeling super after putting in practice the great advice I got at the training session today :) I "knew" in theory about the friction point as I read about it but "finding it and feeling it" is a completly different story. Plus the advice I got from the other sessions and reading you guys, I feel gradually I'm getting somewhere. Now is a matter of making all that wisdom mine. Thanx Netriders!!!

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  2. It's always great putting into practice what you've been told about. A great way to train up on clutch control and balance is the "slow race". Occasionally at the end of a race meet a 100m straight section was marked out. Last over the line was the winner. Both feet on the pegs at all times and only moving forward in a straight line.
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  3. But like the clitoris then 'eh? ;)
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  4. That was classy.
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  5. Good stuff! :) Practice makes perfect.
  6. It's great when the theory of something like this meets the experience of doing it isn't it. I remember self-teaching myself to ride on an agricultural motorcycle in my teens and first feeling the clutch's point of friction and thinking 'That's what it means in the book!'.

    Not very long ago when re-learning to ride, this time on the road, I was amazed at how stable the motorcycle becomes at low speed when coordinating the rear brake, throttle and clutch friction point. Riding through car parks and approaching intersections in traffic suddenly became a lot easier! On goes the learning. Well done, Eli76.
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  7. Thank you all for the encouragement, further advice, shared experiences and humour :)
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  8. A tip that helped me when I first started riding was to give it more revs to find the friction point.
    Just remember the bikes not going anywhere if you have the clutch in and throttle open
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  9. Good work. Practice when it's quiet and you'll be a good rider in no time.
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  10. yes its great! i picked this up the other day and much more awesome when slow riding through car parks and maintaining balance and control with using rear brake when lane filtering :) so much easier after every ride and a bit of practice.. i need to practice more on my take offs re: being smoother with changing from 1st to 2nd gear.
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  11. Next lesson is about keeping everything well lubricated...
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  12. Agreed, once you learn the value of the friction point, brake and throttle control the whole riding experience becomes more pleasurable and controlled. Take every opportunity to practice