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Found: St Kilda Road, Friday AM

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by diggerdave, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Anyone out there take off from the lights at Carlisle St only to discover that they were missing a small shoulder bag?

    There's no contact details on the bag or the contents (lesson there perhaps)

    PM me, describe the contents and it's yours

  2. I suggest you hand it in to your local po po :)
  3. Hmm well it's been an hour and a bit and no one's put their hand up... Why don't I take a shot at being the first to guess what the contents are... :p

    EDIT: Yea give it to the cops. Then if no one claims it, in six months the contents could be YOURS! :p I'd say best bet is to hand it to the station closest to the place it was lost.
  4. I lost my smoko out of a bag on wed. Dont know how it would have ended up in StK though. I wasnt going that fast.
  5. I was going to say "You just found St Kilda Rd on Friday morning?" Where did it go?

    But that would just have been silly.

    Take it to the cop shop, but make sure you have your id with you as they'll need to take down your details, etc, at the time (certainly did when I handed in a wallet I found).

    Butz. :beer:
  6. Open it and look for any form of id so you can contact them yourself. It will only get thrown in a corner somewhere if you hand it in to the cops.
  7. Yeah, more chance of getting it back to them quickly if you do it yourself.

    And you just never know, the owner might be a hot nympho just dying to thank you! :LOL:
  8. A couple of years back I left a tank bag sitting next to the fuel pump when I took it off to access the fuel filler :oops:

    The finder contacted me the next day from details he found inside the tank bag and a google search found my email address.

    I was very appreciative and took the guy a bottle of red when I dropped by the next day to pick it up
  9. Was there $500 bucks in it or there abouts? I think that was mine ;)

    Take bag, collect finders fee, replace where found.


    Nah just kidding hand it to the cops if you want like everyone else has said... I'm just bored at work.
  10. Whats with the advice?

    DD does have half a brain UNO :LOL:

  11. half?? 3/4s more than i have