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Found on the road - is it yours?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. This has been sitting in a Melbourne emergency lane since Monday. If it's yours, PM me and get it off my kitchen bench. If you can tell me what road I found it on, it's yours.

    Feel free to cross-post to other forums.


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  2. @arc ??
  3. To a non-motorcyclist, what could that possibly be?

    A bizarre shovel? Some sort of prosthetic beak? A snow shoe?
  4. Thanks man,
    I wondered where I'd left my 'goodie' protector.
  5. It's green. If I lost it I would want it to stay lost :LOL:
  6. Ok, did you find it between the toorak rd bridege and the tunnel? near scotch college area-ish on the freeway? I went through on tues and a guy had rubbed paint with a car(ninja) he was ok, bike upright lots of damage..
  7. Wait ignore that post, the accident was tues, you seen this monday
  8. ill take it off your hands :D
  9. I passed it Monday and Tuesday morning, Figured the rider would find it considering where it was..
  10. Is it that new ultra sonic aeroplane the yanks lost recently? Looks similar.... :)
  11. Looks like it's off a Z750.