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Found my twisties!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all!
    Ive found my twisties run i think :)

    This is the planned route:
    (not sure how long thatll remain a valid link).
    The map doesnt really do it justice, try the photo view.

    I dont plan on conquering it all the first go :p ill go for an hour and come back kinda thing until i am more confident on the wheels. Probably given the nature of the roads and the amount of high revving acceleration thatll be happening (probably between corners :p), i think it would be wise of me to take an extra can of juice with me.
    I think im going to do it as a run between christmas and new years, assuming of course that i get my bike back with its radiator repaired before the end of january :D.
    Good road for one 10min from home? :D
  2. or you could just do the warners bay to belmont run...past the hospital that has some good clean corners, with a new surface. Or you could do the mereweather s bends. Or a bunch of other sneaky little roads that lie around newcastle. That said, just go do a track day...when you fall off, your not going to hit a tree...or some armco...or a car...or a policemans boot. And your probably going to fall off if your "pushing hard" and using a whole tank of zzr 250 juice...spend the 200 bucks and go to eastern creek.
  3. Done that run a fair bit, fuel isn't really an issue. We leave from Toronto, head out to wollombi, then go south. Usually pass heaps of guys coming from sydney that are heading to Putty. You can fill up at Jerrys (good coffee too) before you head to Wisemans. Then head to hornsby from there and hit the old pacific. Wish there was a good road from Gosford back to newey and the loop would be perfect. We usually just hit the feeway from there.

    Although we don't often go to wisemans, usually just head straight to the old pacific hwy. From brooklyn up the hill is one of the best roads around, and you can have a lot of fun at the speed limit of 80.

    Otherwise we head straight out to Putty. Ride the twisties at the northern end back and forth a few times.

    Remember double demerits over xmas period. Almost not worth it.
  4. All good points. Newcastle is an hour away for me realistically though, so going to the likes of wollombi and south from there is far quicker :). Eastern creek sounds like a go but i want to build up a little more confidence in myself and my machine before i do toooo much of anything :).

    And yep joel, double demerits started an hour ago! *behaves*.
  5. double posted for some reason... ](*,)
  6. done wisemans heaps of times, wont do it no more as the roads are rough as guts these days, instead of wisemans, hit the old pac then go down to berorwa waters, back up galston gorge
  7. :-k