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..found my next bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by malJohann, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. #1 malJohann, Apr 30, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2015
    Looking two years into the future, I thought my next bike would be the KTM 1290 SuperDuke R, and it might still be, but this piqued my interest enough that I'm now in doubt.

    Not sure that I'd be able to afford one, but this Walt Siegl Leggero is calling me!

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  2. That's a very different bike to the SuperDuke malJohannmalJohann. Good luck trying to decide!
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  3. Nice lookin' bike..
  4. I like narrow bikes, but yes quite different and POA also, so I may very well not be able to afford it anyway.

    Here's another one of my loves: http://www.vyrus.it/vyrus-987-c3-4v/
  5. Gotta hate that POA! It may as well be short for 'don't bother'.
  6. Yeah. Part of the reason, is because each bike is specced after the customer's preferences (in parts manufacturers also). A greater part of the reason, is because Mr. Siegl hand builds each one himself.
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  7. The Ducati one attracted my attention!
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  8. Both the Walt Siegl and the Vyrus have Ducati engines?
  9. So a ducati sport 1000s then? Same bike
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  10. Very nice but that's not going to come cheap! Still, you only live once :)
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  11. Could you get reasonable insurance for either of those? It would take the fun out of owning one. Unless all you do is wheel it out of the shed to look at while you drink beer, even then I would be worried about dropping it when wheeling it back in after an afternoons worth of drinking!
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  12. Truthfully, it was the Deus Ex Machina "Dreamliner" that led me to the Walt Siegl Leggero. I googled some about the Dreamliner and someone on another forum mentioned that the Walt Siegl was built way better.

  13. Found my next bike too, I'll keep the one I have until I'm old and knackered.
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  14. First one looks great. Second is a bit too dystopian. ValkriderValkrider now that's a beast. Put a Yoshi on that ;)
  15. I've seen my next bike, the yammie bolt, time to start saving!