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Found my gsxr at manheim auctions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nick s1000r, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Buy it back - track weapon!
  2. I wish but Can't afford it my new bike cost me to much.
  3. Maybe keep an eye on the auction, sure you can come up with $3k or something if nobody bids :)
  4. It doesn't look that bad Nick. If you find out what it goes for I'd be interested to know also.
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    Haha money is not the real problem here... It's the finance minister ( the wife ) .

    The photos don't show the damage lionz.

    I'm going to register with manheim auction for the bidding.
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  6. I have a warehouse you can use .... :)
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    Haha thanks mate that could be dangerous ;)

    Also the other catch with whoever buys this bike is you got to go fetch it from moe and not the auction yard .
  8. It wasn't looking too healthy last time I saw it. Also might cost a bit to get it to track status.
    The advantage you have as a bidder is that you know exactly what's wrong with it.
    Everyone else is questioning whether it's been wrapped round a pole and straightened up etc.

    They do seem to go dirt cheap though.
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  9. Interesting...

    Might be good to find out how much it goes for...

    How's the new bike going Nick? What year is it?
  10. Hi lazy ,

    The new bike is going great it's a 2016 model s1000r.
    It's going in for its break in service tomorrow .
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  11. So what damage did it actually have Nick s1000rNick s1000r ? The fact its in Moe might be a good thing. Blokes like adrenaline performance bikes who seem to buy every late model sports bike they can (and then mark them up 40% to sell them) probably wont bid on this one so it could go cheap. When I was religiously following manheim auctions a couple of years back, a late model gsxr750 with what appears to be only mild cosmetic damage would go for around $4k
  12. Just had a look at the full auction listing and there's actually 3 gsxr750s in the same paint scheme up for grabs! I had no idea those colors were so popular. Or maybe they're somehow cursed..
  13. Haha yeah I saw there's a few in that colour scheme.
  14. There's so many bikes with less than 5km on the odo at the auctions.
    Poor dudes obviously take a tumble on the ride home. Or out front of the dealership.
  15. It's all cosmetic damage on the right hand side.
    Left hand side is untouched and mint.
    Broken clip on
    Dented muffler
    Gouged clutch cover
    Few marks on the frame
    no fluid leaks etc.

    I've still got the spare key and all documents to every part I bought and service records galore .
  16. Could be a cheap trackie and at least you know the history of it. If you can patch up the fairings and get them to fit you could just leave it as is. A clipon can be had for $50 second hand. Save you risking your beaut new Bimmer at the track.
    Having said all that, there are plenty of nicely decked out late model track bikes with race glass, suspension work, braided lines, sometime quickshifters etc for around $5k which is often less than it would cost to do it yourselves buying a stacked bike.
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  17. isn't there some sort of election coming up soon? :p
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  18. ive got an election
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  19. Sounds like mk 2 UG is much the same as mk 1.....
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