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FOUND my dads new bike :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Coconuts, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. bloody hell i'm stoked! i've been hunting for a decent old cheap bike for my dad for months now, had trouble because of money or things going to soon or a whole bunch of other reasons. but i finally found it while flicking through the trading post today when i should have been working :LOL:

    1981 CB900F with 6 months reg and a RWC, $800 :shock: :shock:

    yeah, i thought it was a typo at first, but then he talked the price down before i'd even asked him any questions about the thing. the bloke was so nice about it i decided he's gunna get a nice bottle of inner circle green to encourage him to keep being a top bloke :D. its not perfect, but its clean enough and everything works, fark, cant really ask for anything more for that kinda $$$. it even goes half alright for a sherman tank :LOL: handling leaves a bit to be desired, but it'll be the newest bike dads ever owned so i'm sure he'll love it.

    anyways, cant wait to ride it over to his place tomorrow, christmas comes early for my old man this year 8)
  2. Thats so nice of you. Your dad is going to be pumped.
  3. Sweeeeetttttt! what a find!
  4. I have one of these that I picked up for free (not working but only took an hour ot two to fix). this one

    I thought I'd give it to my dad since the ER-5 turned out to be too much for him. :LOL:
  5. Nice work coco , your dad will be rapt :D I did something nice for my dad 6 years ago and he hasn't stopped thanking me .
    I moved interstate .