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Found my bike on its side. Theft attempt?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zx9er, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. I found my bike on its side outside a friends unit in Penrith. At first I thought just some idiots pushed it over. But on the way home I noticed the dash lights were out. Do you think that means someones been playing with the wiring? When i pushed on the speedo the light came on momentarily then flickered on and off before going out. The tacho never lit up. I'll check the wires in the morning for any stripping.

  2. Was it a hot day? Did you check the pavement for a hole where your sidestand was? I once found a guy's bike toppled over in Melbourne CBD, because his sidestand pushed a hole into the pavement right through the bitumen. Your cluster could have been damaged from the fall.
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  3. it might have been tired, and needing a rest?
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  4. They do blow over. Was it windy at all? Can do a surprising amount of damage.

    Had a lengthy discussion with a dude about which way to face the bike on windy days and whether to leave the steering in the locked position or full lock the other way. I still have no idea.
  5. Was it parked uphill or downhill?
  6. It was definitely a steal attempt - the mighty ZX9 is irresistible!

    ...so how'd your check go?
  7. Happened to me once mate too... prick kicked it over, maybe some moron tried to sit on it and dropped it? Pretty annoying
  8. Last year I found my zzr-250 on its side stand, as opposed to the center stand which it was parked on at the shopping center with a few scratches down the left side.

    Never found out if someone accidentally knocked it forward off the stand, or tried to steal it before hitting the disk-lock and dropping it.
    Now I park it in gear, and on the side stand.