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Found Joyhon JH125GY for sale - how the hell is it even in the country??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kernel, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So I've found a crappy 7 year old chinese 125 4 stroke trail bike for sale out the front of some guy's out. The bloke wants 950 for it (dreaming). At first I was gonna buy it because it seemed perfect: A cheap 4 stroke trailie, guaranteed to have something needing fixing down the line, seemed road registerable (had a plate with a VIN number), would be cheap rego, something to put around town with, cheap parts etc etc. Starts easy first kick (no battery for the electric leg to work), idles, runs pretty damn smooth especially for a bike that's been sitting and only started once a month. Dual sport rubber on the rims which is even better, if I could register it I could hop on, ride down to some where out of the way and go have fun on the dirt tracks.

    Small problem. I did some research on the bike and the brand itself and I can't believe this thing even managed to make it into the country?? Nothing written about it except on the manufacturer's website and on a bunch of chinese wholesaler sites, doubt I could get parts in without ordering them in batches of 100, worse thing is I ran the vin number with the vicroads test and the thing doesn't even exist in the database (maybe I wrote it down wrong). So the only thing the bike is good for is for putting around some guy's back yard which is probably what it's been used for.

    But my question is this: How the hell did this bike even end up on our shores?? Imported in small numbers by a small bike shop and off loaded at a profit to people who haven't got a clue?

    I'm just going to get a postie for 800 bucks, much better value for money, only problem is that they're so damn reliable that I'd find it hard to justify rebuilding the motor, even if I managed to blow it up I could probably get one for $100, drop it in and save the effort!! (yes there are the legal issues but it's just a little postie!)

    Anyone know of any cheap ROAD REGISTERABLE chinese trail bikes that are guaranteed to f*ck up and that have cheap, easy to get parts?
  2. Probably.

    Thing is, it's not hard to physically get a bike into Australia. Whilst not exactly sprinkled like sweeties, an import approval for a vehicle that will never be used on the road is, by bureaucratic standards, easy-peasy to get. Trouble is, it will be stamped to the effect that the vehicle is never to be road registered and if your import approval is so stamped or if it's non-existent, you wil never get that vehicle registered in any jurisdiction in Oz. Ever.

    Back when I was a Public Servant in the WA DoT I regularly saw bikes and cars that some innocent had bought that were expensive paperweights for exactly this reason. Trading Standards might have helped them pursue the vendor I suppose, but I saw an awful lot of broken dreams.

    Even once it's in, with the import papers in order, you still need to show that it complies with the appropriate ADRs. If you're a commercial entity, that will basically mean a comprehensive range of engineering tests. If it's a personal import things are a bit more relaxed but still a hassle.

    So the bottom line is, if it ain't got an Australian Compliance Plate (no, that is not the same as the VIN plate), ask to see a spotless set of import paperwork at the very least. Even then, if you don't know exactly what you're doing, it's probably better to walk away unless you're specifically looking for a farm hack or a racer.

    BTW, it's not just imports. I see an awful lot of customs for sale in Just Bikes, being sold unlicenced. Even an eyeball inspection of many of them indicates that they are not legitimately licensable in any state or territory, so buyers will need either the necessary connections to get a dodgy plate or the willingness to do the necessary work to get the bike up to standard, which, in some cases, may not be possible anyway without eg a complete new frame and forks. Or a trailer. Doubt if many of the sellers will admit that though.

    So buyer beware. If the paperwork ain't present, do not, ever, take the seller's word without documentary evidence before you hand over the cash.
  3. You know what I think the reasons you've outlined might be just the reason why this dude is trying to offload the bike. He seemed honest enough, but I figure he got duped, found out after it was too late, and he's now trying to dupe someone else. For what the bike is, it's worth 500 bucks if it's lucky, not nearly a friggen grand. You're right, I only saw a vin plate stamped, no ADR compliance plate. I also looked for a frame number but couldn't find one, probably in some awkward spot or even more likely, non-existent.
    950. Fark me dead. I reckon I'm definitely getting a little postie, it will do everything I want and be ten times more reliable than I want it to be :LOL: .
    which reminds me, I should tell AusPost about the golden point system and see if they'll hire me...
  4. I see all the time on eBay Pat - choppers that have no hope in hell of passing a road worthy inspection, and certainly don't have an engineer's certificate (you can be sure that if they don't advertise having one, they don't have one!).

    Get a Postie, and chuck a six speed cheap chinese eBay motor with more power in it (there are those that bolt in) Fiddle that way.
  5. how much are they? parts cheap, easy to get? cbf looking :p
  6. I can't remember now - saw a discussion somewhere about them sometime back, but they were typically 125cc.

    If you do get a postie PM me - I've got a new no-brand chain and sprocket set you can have (pick up only, but you can buy me a coffee while you're at it, or just come past my verandah in the night like a thief).
  7. sounds good, I'll definitely be getting one dude, sometimes on my low income the DR650 is a little too much. just as long as I fit on one! haha
    thank you for your generosity, I might even turn up on the postie for a giggle and a fiddle
    i think the engine you're talking about may be an oil cooled chinese pit bike engine, they do sound nice
  8. i got a 50cc scooter for sale for 900, it is road registered:p
  9. lol is it a 4 stroke? :p
    worth maybe 700 to the right person dude
    i sold mine for 4
  10. 4 stroke 2009 or 2010 (cant remember) with every option and 900k on the odometer
  11. edit:duh, read the whole post
  12. If your after cheap dirt bike look up the kinlon kbr 200. They are cheap new at $2k and the few secondhand ones I've seen are sub 1k. I've been thinking of getting one as a second bike for the odd offroad trip.
  13. You will find that the chinese bikes are similar, but have been rebranded numerous times.

    I have one, that my son uses to get around.

    I have login details to access parts fiche, and know a dealer that will order parts if needed (there is parts stocked in aus), if you chose to buy it....
  14. I am aware of this haha. just about all of them have a tacho and speedo in one unit, a kick start as well as an electric leg, rubbish suspension, crap loading capacity, a rear rack and an absolute brick of a seat (at least they're not as bad as the stock DR650). at least this joyhon seemed to have an OHC engine, my sachs was OHV.

    A joyhon or a kinlon? Or something else?

    The joyhon? No, not buying it, can't be road reged or even rec reged for that matter.

    The kinlon? that might be a better option if I can find one in the price range of a used postie. If you can get me cheap parts then this might be a good option, thanks for that. But I am sure there are billions of cheap used parts for posties.

    edit: ooh this looks like it might be the ticket http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Kinlon-200cc-/270853532665
    willing to pay the extra few hundred for something a little more comfortable for me than the postie
  15. I would get a postie if I was trying to save money, a chinese bike is never going to have used parts available which is a large cost. I had a Madass and parts were not cheap on that.

    Actually i probably would get a Honda Lead etc as posties are overpriced because of their cult status. It won't be cool though.
  16. not all brands are equal. (edit: oh USED parts, I agree with you there, maybe I can find a wrecked one for spares) i agree with you on the parts for sachs though. it cost me 50 bucks for a new RHS mirror, I was shocked. that is ONE mirror, I reckon they charged me for 2 mirrors, changed the item name on the invoice and sent the shop out one from a pair. more money to be made that way when someone needs a new LHS mirror. even then 25 bucks PER mirror for cheap crappy chinese mirrors is ridiculous.
    And TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for a new headlight!!

    I don't reckon posties are that overpriced, you can score a not very old one for 500 bucks.

    if grange can get me in reasonably priced parts for the kinlon I will go with that. at least this kinlon road trail I'm looking at has some sembelence of cool.

    [MENTION=24348]grange[/MENTION], just out of interest how much do rims go for on the kinlon I'm looking at? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Kinlon-200cc-/270853532665
  17. nah, 50cc 4 stroke, barely pull the skin off a custard especially with me on it, I'll give you 300 bucks for it
  18. Not sure where you are finding "not very old" posties for $500. I would like to know as they are mostly $1000-1500 here. Maybe its the hipster Sydney people.

    I did buy one for $420 a few years ago but it was a 1991 that was seriously stuffed.
  19. The CT90 is 35 years old and the other is a farm bike. I wouldn't think that there is many parts for that one. I have made that mistake a couple of times, get something common and a little dearer it will be cheaper in the long run.