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Found a zzr 250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ksystemz, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. It has 56,000k cost 2.5k has some little stratches around fairings.

    only problem is , around near the front blinkers has crack and is loose abit , he said you can go to a plastic welder , just asking how much would that cost and where are they located in sydney west
  2. You paid alot of attention to the not very important bits about buying a bike.
    What sort of condition is the rest of the bike in???
    Fork seals? Engine noise? Oil leaks? Smoke on startup? Gearbox noise (aside from the usual Kwaka stuff)?
  3. About as cheap as a ZZR gets.

    But check it out properly mechanically, a $2.5k bike which breaks down all the time is serious pain in the ass (and expensive to fix)
  4. wot year is it ksystem?
    sounds too good to b tru
  5. I asked him to turn it on , it dosent blow smoke , has new oil , been serviced by the dealer . He said if there any problems with it ( that i havent caused ) they fix it. Sounds good , i think its a 97 yr model , i have learnt how to look at a bike , looked underneath . i think it would just be the comestic side that downed the price of it. which ill get painted and fixed up.
  6. 2.5k sounds about right...
  7. Caveat emptor! They can say anything that goes wrong was something you have caused! Check out Glass's dealer guide or ring around for an insurance quote at market value, they'll tell you what it is! Remember they quote on optimum condition!
  8. should it be cheaper that i have 2 bikes ( for insurance )