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Found a possible replacement already

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Another ZZR

    2001 (my Black biatch was a 93)
    19,000 Kms
    $4250 ono

    Just rang the guy up, it's his daughters bike but (you'll love this) she's given up riding it cause she's TOO SMALL for it !!! He said that she actually fell over whilst stationary cause she couldn't reach the road so it's got some marks on 1 fairing. I almost asked him if she's either 12 years old, or a hobbit.

    Seeing it on Saturday morning if it's still available
  2. price is pretty low for the year! not bad there :wink:

    just make sure it comes with a roady and check they're not giving you a compliance date instead of a build date. some ppls (deliberately) get this confused.....
  3. Sounds perfect. Good stuff :)
  4. I reckon it's a compliance date myself, but for 19,000 k's that's a pretty good price.
  5. I will be checking everything I can think to check, but thanks for the advice :)

    My 1993 was a 2001 compliance but the guy I bought it off nor I ever referred to it as a 2001 model at all. If it is an earlier build date, I will be adjusting any offer I might make accordingly.
  6. Good luck Doonk!

    Now make sure you make the next one last a bit longer, they don't grow on trees you know! ;)
  7. I though they did, I swear I've seen a couple in Kinglake growing on trees :LOL: :p :LOL:
  8. why dont you buy a good bike?
  9. Now, now! :LOL:
  10. Cowboy, you've voiced your opinions on this subject many times before. Just cause you prefer something else doesn't make my choice a bad one. It would be a bad choice for me to bike a bike that I wouldn't be comfortable on and that would not suit my purposes.

    I'm not after a rocketship, I'm after a bike that suits my ride style, that is solid, reliable and will allow me to become a better rider than I am at the moment. I'd also like to live until i'm 39.
  11. Yeah, so as Cowboy asked, why don't you buy a better bike?? :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  12. that gives you 31 years yet :p
  13. Seat height of 760mm....and she was too short???? WTF???

  14. wouldnt she try out the bike b4 they actually brought the thing?
  15. BTW Doonks....probably covered elsewhere...but I presume your old bike was indeed written off?

  16. excuse sounds a bit dodgy, sounds like they have NFI.
    I guess you would want to meet the daughter and make sure it's not Dad just getting rid of the bike behind her back.
    If that was the case it would still be stolen, but would not show up on a Vicroads search as stolen.
  17. if that was so and u got a revs check certificate and u brought it, would the daughter get the bike back or just be elligable to sue???
  18. I have NFI, but I can pretty much guarantee that home life would never be the same in that household.
  19. I didn't know Lids had a sister :LOL: From what I have read this sounds like something he would do. :p
  20. The plot thickens... :shock: