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Found a nail in my tyre....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Dazzler, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I need advice. I found a nail in my rear tyre today. It's still inflated, but I need to know, should I get it removed and repaired or leave it be.

    In a car a rapid deflation at speed is bad enough, I would hate to experience it on a bike.

  2. You have two choices, dependent on two factors.

    1. The first and most important factor is the exact location of the nail. If it is in the centre of the tread when looking at the tyre from the rear of the bike, you have two possibilities.

    a. Some shops will remove the tyre from the rim and 'plug' the hole left by removing the nail. This is a perfectly safe procedure, and you unless you plan to race the bike, the tyre will be OK for riding.

    b. Some shops, however, will not plug a tyre under any circumstances because they want to sell you a new tyre (even if the current one is brand new itself).

    I suggest that you let your fingers do the walking and find someone who WILL repair the puncture.

    2. If, (last scenario) the nail is towards the outside edges of the tread as you look at the bike from the rear, NO-ONE is going to plug it no matter what; you will be up for a new tyre.
  3. Thanks Hornet,

    The nail is dead centre of the tread on the rear.
    It has not lost any pressure since this morning.
    The tyre is only six weeks old (Dunlop GPR Alpha 10)- from all accounts a good and sticky choice- shame to waste it.

    I will ring around to find someone who will plug it.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. I had this happen to me mate.

    i used some of that $17 spray stuff from a petroll station. lasted a week or 2 and blew out on the freeway.

    What I then did (with some help - cheers john) Which is what i should have done from the start and I suggest you do is:

    Take the tyre off the rim. Remove nail (if still there)
    Take to a bike shop to get plugged: Cost $10 and didnt take long
    Wack it back on the bike

    Bobs your uncle. dont bother with temporary solutions get it done right. saves money and its not worth the risk of it failing when u need it.


    edit...beat me too it. but you will save anywhere from $25-45 if you take the tyre off urself
  5. :wink: "Netrider; Connecting Riders" :wink:
  6. Yeah, I'm not a fan of cheap temporary quick fixes either, generally get what you pay for.

    Plug it is, thanx
  7. +1 to getting it plugged :)
  8. Cool, I'm in the same situation, nail in a reasonably new tyre. It's about a cm off dead centre, so hopefully it's pluggable - I'll ring around a rosie a bit.
  9. +1 get it plugged.

    I would advise against delaying the repair for any length of time as leaving the nail in can see it being torn out while riding and if you tear the carcass/belts you could make the tyre unrepairable.

    Visit Scott @ Pablo's for prompt & honest advice / service.

    BTW... Cost of repair will be lower if you take in just the wheel rather than have them remove & refit the wheel from the bike.
  10. Mushroom plug for the win!

    For the 5 or 10 bucks extra you pay to have them remove the wheel its probably worth having them do it.. they'll may do it while you wait if you ring ahead and ask nicely
  11. You have FIVE options depending on how tight you are..
    1. Replace the tyre = $80-$200
    2. Get a workshop to plug it = $20-$30
    3. Plug it youself = $10
    4. Use a can of tyre fix spray = $15
    5. Crush a stick of chalk and some water down the valve = $1

    I would do option 3. Go to any auto store and buy the plug kit and do yourself - its not hard.
  12. Two Wheel Tyres at Blacksoil, who I swear by, whipped off the wheel and tyre, plugged it and had it back on while I waited for $25. Not too shabby at all.
  13. Wow reading this makes me feel pretty fortunate about the time I found a nail in my race tyre a few years ago. Just pulled it out and kept going without any dramas. Can't imagine why there was a nail anywhere on the track but I was the lucky guy who picked it up.
  14. let my fingers do the walking and phoned a well known workshop in Brighton who quoted me $60 to do the job!!!!!
    Instead, I took it to my local Honda dealer and saved $20