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Found a bike to buy - 2015 KLR650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Porkbone, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Hi. Just wanting some feedback on a bike I found which seems like a good deal. It will be my first bike.

    It's a 2015 KLR650 with a bit under 8200 on the clock. Comes with factory saddlebags, tail bag, tall screen, a tank bag, 12v socket, SW Motech crash bars and 2 brothers exhaust.

    Apart from putting barkbusters on it ASAP (just because I figure I'll drop it a few times) it has almost everything I was thinking of getting as I improve at riding. Only other things would be maybe some after market footpegs and a bash plate but not going to be heading off-road for a while anyway I'd say so plenty of time to scrape some dough together for that stuff.

    Price is $7k but not ride away. How much are the on road costs normally? (I'm assuming it's registered)

    I put a deposit on it but there's no obligation to buy and I can just get my money back if I change my mind. I can't have a look at it until next week when I'm back home. (I work away)

    Does it sound like a good deal?
  2. Aparantly they are $8099 new so that price seems a little high to me but then it does have some extras on it. I would tell them u will pay $7k on road and see what they say. Nothing wrong with abit of haggling
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  3. Hmmm. I was looking at it as $1100 cheaper than new with about $1k worth of extra stuff so kind of seemed like an ok deal?

    Yeah I was planning on buying helmet, jacket and some pants as well and trying ro do a deal on the whole lot.
  4. Generally extras on bikes don't translate in much of an increased sale price. It does help the bike sell quicker. As you are buying from a dealer so the price may be a bit higher than a private sale but as you correctly say you can bargain for a package. Go in armed with prices from the big bike gear suppliers and bargain hard. Under QLD law you have no statutory warranty on a used bike, however a dealer has to comply with your protection under the Fair Trading regulations which says a purchased item must be "Fit for Purpose" so you have some protection.
  5. Are you the bloke that works on that oil rig i keep hearing about?
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  6. Oil rig? Errr, nope. I work on land in QLD......

    Warranty hmmm. Hadn't thought about that. Didnt think chances of buying a lemon were too bad with only 8200 on the odo? (As long as it didn't just get disconnected until resale time)
  7. Mate there is always room to haggle. It's pretty much mandatory not to buy at advertised price. :)

    You can also ask for a years warranty to be thrown in (if buying from a dealer) as a sweetener - that's if the manufacturer new bike warranty is no longer in place (although it may well be as its a 2015 model).

    Some others in QLD to compare with...

    Used Motorcycles for Sale in Queensland - bikesales.com.au

    Good luck
  8. Cheers Chilli. Been trolling bikesales pretty hard lately. That's where I found the one I'm talking about. It's the one on there for $6990 with some aftermarket stuff fitted.

    Cjvfr posted above saying the aftermarket stuff doesn't add to the sale price much which is fine but it will sure as hell save me some coin.

    Some other 2015 KLR's on bikesales with less km's on them for about the same pruce but 8200km doesn't seem excessive for a year old? I just assumed someone bought it with the Adventure package, did some touring and then decided they wanted to upgrade......
  9. They are pretty identical since the big change in 08, why buy so new? I would just go new rather than one year old.

    One year old can indicate a lemon. Sick of fixing the thing just sells it. Though it is a klr
  10. The 2015 model does have improved suspension on both ends, plus the 'better' shaped seat
  11. If you want a new seat and suspension you could buy that with the savings?
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  12. All bikes of a similar age and km (up to say 10000km) from dealers I can find are all around $7k. Older cheaper ones I can find all have 30000km plus on them for only maybe $2k less. Doesn't seem worth the saving for the amount of km on them.

    New 2016 is about $1100 more with no crashbars, 12v socket or 2 bros exhaust plus the other bits n bobs.