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Forward lighting for XVS 650 custom

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Mad Marty, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Well we are coming into the darker months of the year, I'm looking at improving my view of the road at night.

    I have a Yamaha XVS650 Custom, to put it mildly the stock light sucks! :censored:

    I have fitted Phillips X-Treme Vision +100 this has slightly improved night vision but I'm looking at improving it further.

    Looking for suggestions...

    Change bulb:

    H4 Super Plasma GT-X Bulb

    Replace main Lamp with :

    Kuryakyn Xe7R
    Kuryakyn Phase Seven
    or Custom Dymanics High Intensity Plus 7" L.E.D. Headlamp

    Add Driving lights :

    PIAA 005
    Kuryakyn Phase Seven 4 1/4 lamps w/ PIAA Super Plasma GT-X Bulb
    Kuryakyn Clamp on driving lights

    Has anyone had experiences with any of these changes?
    Am I going to get better vision from any of these ? Or have any other brand / make suggestions?

    Opinions on LED, HID and Xeon lights ?

    Thanks for your help and time if you wish to offer it ! :D
  2. Be very keen to see the responses here as my stock lights suck too!
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  3. If your clever with your hands, you buy a bicycle handebar, and a couple of driving lights off Fleabay and make your own light bar, you may need a sparky to wire it up and hey ho more light at a third of the price of a after market kit.
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  4. <clears throat> All stock cruiser headlights suck balls.</clears throat>

    They are designed for looks, then.... um... nope. That's it.

    I replaced my bulb, with advice from my local dealer. It improved it some what (from 3 seconds ahead at night at 80km/h to 4 seconds).

    I have been told, though I would love comments on this, that most light bars improve the width and close up vision, but do not penetrate further into the darkness.
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  5. On your Vstar 650 there are two small screws on either side of the light these are the light adjustment screws one will go up the other down. Just raise the light a bit more and youll be fine no need to replace anything just adjust to how you like it . I did it on mine and have no need to replace the light now . I used to see at night only a few metres infront of me and had to put highbeam on wich did bugger all to improve night vision try adjusting the light first before spending money .
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  6. Hey oldguyonl,

    I have given the heatlight adjustment a try with limited success. It has made it more ridable however the light output in in many ways quite shockingly bad. Ive posted on > https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=131342#.T5DW0dVw530 to try get some more info on the legalities of the proper level to adjust to. Thanks for the suggestion !

    It looks like we have many disgruntled night riders, hopefully someone can give 'the good oil'
  7. Keen to get some ideas here. :)

    I came across THIS some time back but need more info.

    Good thread Marty. (y)
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  8. Check out the beaut little LED jobs on the Andystrapz website. They're small, light, throw out a heap of rays and only draw 10 watts, so wiring them in is a doddle.

    About $150 last time I looked, but they seem well worth it to me. When I get around to it, I'll probably get a pair myself.

    Maybe a group buy is in order.
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  9. Just had a look - $155 per spotlight. So $310 for a pair.
  10. Thanks LL, I'm always looking at 'improving' things :D, I think I might grab one of these or a similar 6000K kit and give it a try.

    Good spotting Wayned ! Hmmm look like they will do the job LED lighting is brilliant for its output vs low current draw. Might be worthwhile investigating. I might be in on a group buy if the HID alone doesn't do the job. Have to ask - do they come in Chrome? Cause they are ugly as is :p May be able to retrofit to a chromed bucket :D

    Noted : Tone 2 much the same price as the PIAA's or Kuryakyn's I have been looking at :eek:
  11. A possible issue with the HID option in a single headlight is that you still might have the problem of where the reflector/lens puts the light. You might just make a hugely bright blot that doesn't spread the newly acquired brilliance to where you really need it, making it even harder to see further ahead or to the sides.

    In my case, the best overall option in terms of cost and effort seems to be a pair of good globes in the original sockets with relatively simple and effective enhancement by way of adding a handy LED or two, which broadens the scope for adjustablility (especially with the option of a broader or narrower beam as well).

    As far as the look, I'd probably blacken the whole casing and try to find the most discreet place to put it/them, but I'd have to cross that bridge when I came to it.
  12. Thanks for all the reply's

    I've decided to do a little project involving retrofitting a HID lamp to the stock headlight and teaming this up with some LED spottys. Ill start this over the next month or so and post up some pics as I go ...

    Project cannot be started yet I fundage is needed to do handgrip warmers and another mod this month ....
  13. Just bought myself a set of these for a bit under $60 delivered, even got the shop to supply 1 as flood light and 1 as pencil beam. (throw good light as tested on a car battery last night) They even changed the mounting brackets to chrome ones to keep up appearances. Another $25 today at Autobarn for wiring,switch and relay. All I need to do now is make or buy some brackets and mount them on the indicator bar. Cheap as chips and as much light as you can draw on the electrical system safely anyways.

  14. wasnt someone on here selling a 7" HID setup off his cruiser only a short time ago?
  15. Marty.

    Buy a real bike.

    Just kiddin' good luck with the mods
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  16. :D We'll have real bikes soon. Mr D.
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  17. After sitting with a beer or two looking, I just realised I can mount the spotty's straight on the indicator bolts.....just keeps getting easier and easier

  18. My roadliner has great lights for a stock cruiser...

    Although its not exactly a stick on wheels like a Harley or something hence the name, roadliner...

    For distance, LED light bar, we have them fitted to some equipment at work and they are super compact low profile and long range.
  19. I know I'm not on a cruiser, but on my CB400 I'm running 2 x Dually D2 LED driving lights. These things are awesome. I'm also running a pair of running lights (Motolights that I upgraded to 300lumen LED) so people see me.

    The below pic shows the throw distance on the Dually's. Just gotta tilt 'em up a little bit.

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