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Forward controls, why?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by snowy, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. These Johnskits forward controls, can someone explain these to me?

    Are they designed to get your legs up further?

    I assume they do this to improve comfort would that be right?

  2. Yep

    Also adds to the cool factor :cool:
  3. lets you stretch your legs out a bit more. Theoretically also adds some more ground clearance.
  4. Great value as well and really easy to fit, they really improved the riding position for me, while your there you may as well go the whole hog with johns and get some lowering bones at the same time.
  5. Why lower a style of bike that already has corner clearance issues? :?
  6. Bear in mind that forward controls will change the way that you sit on the bike. My Dad has just sold a 12 month old HD Softail Custom because the riding position gave him back pain. This hasn't happened on any of his other HD bikes, the difference being that they've all had floor boards which means no stretch for the controls and your arse is planted a bit differently.

    Unfortunately that's just one of those things that you can't find out on a 30 minute test ride.

    For most people it won't be an issue, but it is something that I think it's best to be aware of.
  7. For "coolness" why else. :p :LOL:

    Not going to lower mine. Damn thing scrapes to easy as it is now. I think the m50 can lean a bit more not sure.

    I want to go the other way.
  8. ...well... um... ok... :?
  9. As stated it looks so cool with the wheel tucked up in the guard, scrapping is not really an issue if you have swaped out the standard pipes
  10. That's the plan rob. :)
    We've already traded some performance for style and comfort by getting cruisers, someone wanting to go further shouldn't be that big a shock. :)
  11. Except for the first time you enter a corner too hot and there's no clearance to help you get around...

    Anyway, I was just asking...

  12. Nod and smile.
    It's what I do when sports bike riders start talking about getting the knee down etc. :)
  13. Who mentioned knee down...? :?

    We were talking about cornering ground clearance...
  14. Thanks again one and all, can certainly see the benefit now for clearance issues. This has to be a plus, given that they peg out at pretty conservative leans. And if it brings a comfort functionality, than thats a bonus.

    mmm...lowering for cool factor and lose more clearance...I don't think so Tim, hell I wanna ride the bloody thing....won't be for me, my mojo went about 20 years ago :p
  15. Clearance

    The Jardine controls move your feet forward about 5" and up about 1.5"

    If you were worried about ground clearance these might be the ones for you.

    Also, at 6'2", I'm really appreciating the extra distance to stretch my legs - it's so much more comfortable.
  16. don't believe it. People buy it to look cool and assume it is more comfortable. The truth is in this position you can take no load off your back with your legs.
  17. Not sure I agree with you there ibast. Before I got the fwd controls my knees were bent at 90 degrees when I rode. My knees just aren't what they used to be and in that position they don't play "shock absorber" too well. Now that they are straighter I find that I can straighten them a bit as required, I get a much better ride and am no longer getting back pain.
  18. With forward controls you will extend your legs out more, to the point that I've seen some custom choppers where the riding position looked like a banana between drag bars and stretched forward controls. The general reality is different. For an average height rider, forward controls will put more pressure on the base of your spine as your legs will shift forwards perhaps more than they should. For a taller rider (like myself, for instance) I could move my controls 4-6" forwards and be more comfortable overall, as I could stretch out my legs a little more, and centralise my (admittedly excessive) weight more evenly. Be aware though, that if you DO move the controls forwards, you MAY want to consider some pullback risers for your bars to avoid leaning too much.

    My recommendation is that if you're concerned about the impact of these things, then maybe you'd be better off with some form of highway pegs - either the ones that mount onto the subframe or engine guards, or the newer ones that kick out from under the existing footboards.
  19. Just installed mine on the weekend - very easy job for someone who once believed in left handed screwdrivers

    I'm 6'2" and stretching my legs out a bit further has made for a much more comfortable riding position. Haven't been for a long ride yet to see how it is on my back.
  20. Ian, which kit did you use and how long did it take?