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Forward Control Extensions 6"

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Cayne, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Hey all, how we going?
    I previously ordered 4" extensions for my forward controls for my V-Star 650. I just canceled the order because I found some 6" extensions from the same company.
    I am 6ft 3, so it will be more comfortable to extend my legs out a bit more, but I am wondering, has anyone used an extension that size? I also have size 13 feet and I am just a little worried that if I go forward 6" do you think I am likely to hit my toes on full lock?
    I have tried measuring it out an it all seems fine, its just a bit hard with the controls in the way to get a good feel of how it will be.
    So yeh, basically a shout out to anyone with experience with an extension that size. Also, anyone got any clue if doing this is legal or not? I mean I can't see why it wouldn't be, but you never know.



  2. Hi mate,

    I was thinking of the same thing but opted out for highway bars and flat pegs.
    My thinking was that highway bars will save the tank "if" dropped and other components and same time I have my legs extended to what ever feels comfortable. With the highway pegs you can fit them on the bars where it feels most comfortable.

    Check these sites out....
    Bars were from ebay delivered in 6 days


    Foot pegs delivered in 5 days. I have bought many thinhs from these guys and they are awesome company.


    The foot pegs I bought were item number 7993.

    Hope this helps in a way.
  3. Thank for the info you posted mate. I decided to just go for the 4" extensions, they should arrive soon, so once I install them ill let you know how they go. As for the highway bars with pegs, I had a bit of a look and measured roughly where they would sit for me, to be honest, in the way of comfort I think these would have made it worse for me. What I am trying to achieve is to lessen the bend angle of my knees. All the highway bars and pegs would have done is change the angle of my thigh higher and leave the knee angle the same (I have long legs and stand over 6ft).

    After I measured the 4" extensions it seems like it should make it much more comfortable, I mean its already ok with the stock position, but I think that extra 4" will make all the difference.

    Either way, I will post in this thread how it feels and details etc once I install them.

    Cheers :)
  4. Your welcome mate.

    But what I have found is that I had to adjust the pegs a few times to get them to my "comfort length"
    First I had them to high then 2nd to low with my legs being at full stretch and locked but being a clamp style I now have them where it feels I'm streached and also being able to come back in for quick gear change or rear break is essential.

    Let us know how you go with your choice.

    Ride safe
  5. hi mate,

    I am trying to decide whether to go for the 6" or 4" extensions and was interested in what your thoughts were after installing the 4' ones?

    I know you were thinking about the 6" to start to was curious to see if you were happy with the the 4" or which you had got the longer ones?

  6. Hey mate. I ended up with the 4" extensions. This puts the pegs about level with the body of your bike. I think the 6"s would have been a bit of overkill and possibly caused some unwanted issues if you were to steer hard and hit a bump, which might cause the suspension to come up and possibly hit the plate which might not end up pretty.

    I am 6ft 2" with long legs and wouldn't go for the 6"s just because I find the 4" to be fine and trouble free.

    Its really what you prefer mate, but IMO, go the 4" :)

    Good luck :cool:
  7. Cheers mate.

    Can't wait to get them installed and stretch out a bit. :grin: