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Forums Posting Count

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. Yes, they have all gone down again! :shock: I can already hear groberts03 typing away a posting with steam rising from his head :roll: :)

    For some time now, we have been running close to our hosting providers diskspace limit. So close, that on a few occassions we get database errors because we are out of diskspace.

    Each time we run out of disk space, we trim wherever possible and find another few MBs. This time however, Scotty just said "Capt, I'm given it all she's got!", and so we had to find space elsewhere.

    Unfortunately, that elsewhere was the HUGE amount of database space being used by forum postings. Unfortunately I had to perform a mass pruning of old inactive posts and thus the reason for the total postings counts to drop.

    Sorry peoples.....

  2. Fair enough and there's no need to apologise for being efficient.
  3. as per the other thread in the general section , maybe removing the posting record as its not reflecting accurate counts , so its pretty usless and its probably taking up power scotty :wink:
  4. I second that motion scotty!
  5. Couldn't we all just chip in and buy a bigger drive?
  6. It probably got more to do with allocated size by the plan offered by the hosting company. Who are we with at the moment?

    I've noticed a few flakely things with the site today, its working great now though. I'm happy to give up old posts to keep it all working in the present and future. Thanks guys!
  7. Do we still have a copy of the deleted posts?

    If we can find more space, would it then be possible to restore the deleted posts so everyone is happy?

    (I fully understand the thankless Systems Admin job, if it works you don't hear a peep if its broken your are dragged over hot coals.)
  8. Are edit prividges turned off in this forum? I'm not able to edit my past posts in thier thread.....hence my 3 consecutive posts.
  9. no editing buttons in announcements, just a poor reason to rack up a few extra posts you tart :LOL:
  10. Keep the stats it helps new users work out who are the veterans on netrider when they first join. Also a good indication of who to listen to when advice is dispensed.

    Sort of an online wrinkle and gray hair indicator.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I prefer the term Prolific!!
  12. By culling non-active threads it actually shows who the most active / recent posters are rather than people 'relying' on old threads that are no longer of any use.

    So in some ways a regular cull will allow who the regular posters are rather than having a person with high post-count simply because they used to be active.
  13. How much space do you use? I run the operations area of an ISP and for an org domain can use staff space and also provide db storage. PM me with technical details and if you are interested I can see what I can provide. :?:
  14. *cough*
    not when certain "veterans" (i'm guessing you're using that term to describe the top 10 posters) postcounts get "pruned" from 360-odd to twenty-f#cking-two (22)... twenty three if you count this one...
    and i'm sure i'm not the only one it happened to...
    meanwhile Helmet's bloody account still has over 100 posts, 99.99% of which i can bet would be considered spam...
    yeah, damn good thing to base your assumptions of people on...

    who really gives a toss if a user is "active"?
    how often do you have to post to be considered "active"?
    shit i'd far rather see people who read a lot and post a little but give well thought-out and informative opinions/info than people who just shoot off at the mouth because they have nothing better to do...

    i say, lose the damn postcount alltogether, and if you must have ranks, base it on the length of time the account has existed, rather than the number of times someone has clicked that little grey button...

    sorry for being in a cranky mood, but i've just knocked off night shift, and i cant see what the big fuss is over some stupid number that sure as hell aint gunna earn you f#ck all respect from the majority of people around here...
  15. You know, that's a bit like saying only old knowledge is good knowledge. Old knowledge is the earth is flat, that there's no such thing as germs and that cigarettes are good for you.

    Age isn't an indication of wisdom.
  16. Maybe these posts by the Admin should be a one hit deal with no reply so we don't all get our backs up over a couple words on a screen. :)