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Forums Discussion - wtf?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. I notice the Menu Panel to the left of the screen has had a minor change overnight.

    The Forum has now become FORUMS DISCUSSION.

    With the sort of "discussions" going on pre & post the City Link protest ride, the sort of posts in the Officer/rider Down thread and amount of -ve Karma being spread I would've thought either for the following would've been better;


    Got any other suggestions for the Moderators?

    P.S. You will notice this was posted in the Jokes and Humour section.
  2. on that topic ..

    i dont like the new bold in the nav bar... its too bland :| go back to regular please!

    p.s this is not a joke
  3. na arrr!!! i'm right and my skateboard faster than your forum

    and that bold menu bar is gay. hadnt noticed till cosi pointed it out.
  4. The moderators should be titled Cotton Woolers or Whitewashers. Cos evertime any slightly interesting debate that starts to occur gets pulled and I'm not talking about like in other forums where the conversation gets offensive and profanity goes off the chart. I'm talking about the slightest lean towards any negativity or any rigorous debate and they step in to keep this facade of happy happy land. It's like watching Leave it to Beaver...boring and unrealistic.
  5. Cmon...someone will have to give me a bad karma point or 2 for that, I can see your thinking about it...DO IT!!
  6. i never notice, padros..

    maybe i need to start being negative

    you fcuker go home padros

  7. Unfortunately, we have some small-minded members who don't seem to be interested in discussing motorcycles, just in putting down other members personally because they DARE to express a contrary opinon to them. The stupid karma system has encouraged this and has by now surely outlived its very limited usefulness.
  8. here padors.. have some nice karma.. you be stressin kid <: it must be all that negative karma
  9. ah padros you always brighten up my day :)

    keep it up son ;)
  10. i understand why its called forum discussions now, its so that when we scroll right to see the rest of the text on the posts because of them crappy ads that are just a touch too long, we dont have to scroll back left again to refresh the forums list :D

    i'm with pvda too, arguments would have been a lot more suitable :LOL:

    on a serious note tho, i have no problem with the ads being there, anyone thats been using the net for more than a month would be used to ignoring ads :LOL: but is there any chance they could be shortened, or popped on the side instead of smack bang in the middle of our posts? scrolling right shits me to tears, it makes me wanna climb a building with a sniper rifle :shock:
  11. Hey Dale,

    How do you end up with 12+ points when I know in reality you deserve many many - - - hehe (JK)
    I don't care about the ads, though they could get some boob action happening just to spice things up a bit. Maybe a banner for the mens gallery? We could even organise a promotional ride for them, giving all the strippers a pillion ride through town. I should be in marketing!
    Also as much as it pains me to type this, for once I agree with rc36. Anything against the grain here gets peoples blood boiling when that's what actually makes interesting reading. How boring is a post where everyone agrees and just types what the last person did but with slightly different words.
  12. ahhh yes, but what if everyone agreed that anything against the grain was ok, then we wouldn't have anything to argue about here :shock: :LOL:

    and petey, i'm just a top bloke and everyone knows it. plus i cry when i get bad karma and no-one likes to see the tears of a clown :LOL:
  13. Well can we have some sort of trading system put in place, you know, I give you my good karma in exchange for your bad? At the moment there are people flying away with the negative crown, some with more then 100 negatives. What chance have I got now?!
    Also thanks Raff and Cosi for the + points, I'd give you one back but will have to wait 2 hrs cos I just gave another - to rc36, not cos he did anything, I just felt like it.
  14. you always seem to get victimised so i thought i should do something to brighten up your day ;)
  15. Well 2hrs had past and even though my cursor was again heading towards the - mark on r36, I resisted all my urges and gave you a +. Cheers dude.
  16. Exactly what I was talking about. The whole karma things is ridiculous. It allows small-minded people to give negative points for no reason at all and likewise positive ones. It was a stupid idea to start with and has become stupider because stupid people abuse it.
  17. well arent we being a negative little crouton today, maybe thats the reason why you have so much bad juju following you around dude :D

    quick, get the mods theres trouble in praradise nnnnooooo!!!!!!!....

  18. Yep, there's a perfect example of what i am talking about.
  19. Exactly Raff, I don't do it randomly to anyone.
    Rc36 is just a twat :LOL: Even though he may have not written anything stupid in this particular post I know that he would have written something stupid somewhere else and I just don't have the time to go through the whole forum to find out, so am happy enough to assume.
    So it's not as random as you think RC, and obviously quite a few people agree with me when I see your count. :shock:

    Peace and chain grease.