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Forum Problem?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. I wondered whether it's the forum or at my end and whether anyone else is having this same problem:

    Everytime I click on a link that someone has posted, everything freezes. Have to go through the NT Task Manager, shut down the iexplorer application and then restart and re-log in.

    Anyone any ideas as to what's causing this?


  2. Yup. I know the answer and I'd love to be able to tell you, but every everytime I try to read your post, my system freez....

    *** STOP: 0x0000000A (0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 8038c510)
    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL*** Address 8038c510 has base at 8038c000 - Ntfs.sys

    CPUID:AuthenticAMD irq1:1f SYSVER 0xf0000565

    Dll Base DateStmp - Name Dll Base DateStmp - Name
    80100000 336546bf - ntoskrnl.exe 80010000 33247f88 - hal.dll
    80000100 334d3a53 - atapi.sys 80007000 33248043 - SCSIPORT.SYS
    802ab000 33013e6b - epst.mpd 802b5000 336016a2 - Disk.sys
    802b9000 336015af - CLASS2.SYS 8038c000 3356d637 - Ntfs.sys
    802bd000 33d844be - Floppy.sys 803e4000 33d84553 - viaide.sys
    f9328000 31ec6c8d - Siwvid.sys f95c9000 31ec6c99 - Null.SYS
    f9468000 31ed868b - KSecDD.sys f95cb000 335e60cf - Beep.SYS
    f9348000 335bc82a - i8024prt.sys f95cb000 3373c39d - ctrl2cap.SYS
    f947c000 31ec6c94 - kbdclass.sys f9474000 3324806f - mouclass.sys
    f9370000 33248011 - VIDEOPORT.SYS fe9d7000 3370e7b9 - NDIS.SYS
    f9480000 31ec6c6d - vga.sys f93b0000 332480dd - Msfs.SYS
    f90f0000 332480d0 - Npfs.sys fe957000 3356da41 - ati.sys
    a0000000 335157ac - win32k.sys fe914000 334ea144 - ati.dll
    fe0c9000 335bd30e - Fastfat.SYS fe110000 31ec6c9b - Parport.SYS
    fe108000 31ec6c9b - Serial.sys f93b4000 31ec7c9d - ParVdm.SYS
    f9050000 332480ab - Parallel.sys

    Address dword dump Build [1314] - Name
    801afc24 80149905 80149905 ff8e6b8c 80129c2c ff8e6b94 8025c000 - Ntfs.SYS
    801afd24 80129c2c 80129c2c ff8e6b94 00000000 ff8e6b94 80100000 - ntoskrnl.exe
    801afd34 801240f2 80124f02 ff8e6cf4 ff8e6d60 ff8e6c58 80100000 - ntoskrnl.exe
    801afd54 80124a16 80124a16 ff8e6f60 ff8e6c3c 8015ac7e 80100000 - ntoskrnl.exe
    801afd64 8015ac7e 8015ac7e ff8e6cf4 ff8e6f60 ff8e6c58 80100000 - ntoskrnl.exe
    801afc70 80129bda 80129bda 00000000 80088000 80106f60 80100000 - ntoskrnl.exe

    Restart and set the recovery options in the system control panel
    or the /CRASHDEBUG system start option. If this message reappears,
    contact your system administrator or technical support group.
  3. I can't find the NT task manager on either the Mandrake or Debian systems I am running. Do I have a problem?
  4. Hmm, that meant a lot to me...:LOL:
  5. Ok...my system is back up and running :)

    Have you tried emptying your cache and clearing your cookies?
  6. Your post whore'n is finally catching up to you. :LOL:
    Problem is all yours - what version of IE are you running?
  7. Shut the computer down and restarted - problem seems to have gone away for the moment.
  8. Try a kill -9 ;)
  9. Funny that. I would have expected a computer problem first, with an experience like that, and rebooted before I thought a clicking on a hyperlink would be a forum problem (That is of course unless you were clicking on Deb's 'studs' link .. that pic IS a forum problem :) )
  10. This was happening all the time before I switched to firefox.
  11. Ahhh...Jason, the view point from the logical mind of an administrator...computers - too techo-nogical for me...:LOL:...