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Forum on New Group Riding Rules

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kat Rider, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. I have read of some near fatal accidents of late and want to begin a discussion on possible steps that can be put in place to limit the risk we are at but most of all find a way that we can ensure we dont leave our fellow riders alone without aid for hours on end.

    It is a terrible situation that we have to deal with far to often but as a whole it is difficult to predict incidents and limit them from happening but i feel after some thourough discussion and the implentation of the final ideas we can have in place a set of rules you might say that when stuck to limits the chance of riders being left at the side of the road.

    Please feel free to add any ideas and give any constructive thought on this prossess as we all ride and enjoy the roads together

    Be safe

  2. Thats the job of the TEC, he rides last to make sure no one gets lost or left behind.
    Any one that has an off, he comes along and stays with the downed rider and relays the info to the lead rider,

    Then all in the group do what they can for the downed rider, Including calling a meat wagon if in range of a mobile phone, failing that a car is used to transport the injured rider or riding to some where that Mobile phone coverage is available and the calling for a meat wagon,

    No one gets left behind in a group ride, except turkeys who bail out with out telling some one they are leaving the group, which causes a great deal of frustration to the remaining riders as we have to go look for them.

    So if your in a group and want to leave, tell some one in the group your leaving, Its no big deal, but we would like to know you have left.
  3. Yep got one, don't try an reinvent the wheelie. This is an old forum and you'll find that just about every aspect of riding has been covered at one stage or another.

    It's not unusual to have a noobie come on here and cover a topic that's older than they are, and because of that they get a lot of leeway, well most of them do most of the time.

    Still it's not such a bad thing if an old topic is covered again because it opens up the possibilities of new input and new ideas and can sometimes get people thinking about topics they may just be taking for granted that they know.

    However it's encouraged that Newbies (and Noobies) to the forums take at least some time to have a search around and dig out threads on their favourite topics. What you may find is exactly what you're looking for ;)

    If you ever find that the popular topics of the day aren't to your liking, it's time to begin searching.....there is some gold to be found.

    Cheers, Chef.
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    Yep use the search function, then when you have digested the thousands of posts on this matter summarise it and post it as a sticky.
  5. I must not have conveyed myself with the meaing i had intended.

    If people are getting left on the side of the road for 2 hours and no one is the wiser then something needs to be instigated to fix this issue.

    Im not a noobie, just new to this forum and know exactly how searches work, im not looking for any new information just a selection of idea that will aid in how these rides for towards the future,

    I belive we all ride in a group for the pleasure as well as the assumed safety of numbers.

    I hope this can be Constructive and not the usualsearch the forum garb,

    Its serious, thus i have raised it
  6. Is that like sending him for striped paint?
  7. We are serious too it has been raised many many times and do a search
  8. ok first of all don't get your knickers in a twist I didn't call you a Noobie I called you Newbie, big difference.

    IF you do your RE-search there is an article that is posted on here called 'Group Rider Etiquette' which adequately covers how group rides can be run so incidences such as the one you refer to above DOES NOT happen.

    I have no knowledge of the incidence you're referring to so at this stage I'll with hold any comments about it.

    ...and if you've missed the meaning of the rest of my post then that's just plain your bad luck I'm afraid.
  9. Been riding for 15 years. Most group rides have been small close-knit groups where we all know each other, and everyone looks out for each other. In these scenarios, no one has ever been left behind.

    This recent incident with oz_johnno is the first time in 15 years and perhaps 300 group rides for me where someone has been left behind after coming off. I can only speak to the circumstances that played into this happening:

    1) A largish (>15) collection of bikes
    2) A group consisting of people who largely didn't know each other
    3) A group consisting of people which for 8 of them it was their first ride with me
    4) A number of late starters who arrived after the departure time causing confusion as to how many people were on the ride
    5) The person who was left behind was not someone I'd met before, and so I was less inclined to notice
    6) For me, personally, I've been under a lot of stress in recent times, and my brain hasn't been as sharp as it normally is as a result
    7) A bad road condition caused following riders to perhaps be distracted and not notice the broken bike and rider to the side of the road.

    Possible remedies to the situation:

    1) Assess the riding group that is attending. Are they all known to you? Do they all know each other? Is the group smaller than 10 people? If the answer is no to any of these, proceed to step 2)
    2) Inform everyone of their responsibilities to look out for each other. It isn't up to just 1 person, the ride leader, to account for everyone at all times. It is too much for one person to handle.
    3) Assign a buddy system. Ask riders to pair off, look at each other's bike, and so they know who they're looking for
    4) The ride leader needs to count everyone. This is what I always do, but it doesn't help when people turn up late, or when people leave without telling anyone.
    5) Ensure that all riders know that they MUST inform the ride leader, or at least 3 ride attendees, if they are leaving the ride part-way through.

    It really is all about common sense, and shared responsibility. It's all too easy to point the finger at the leader, or the TEC when things go wrong, but really every rider on the ride owes a responsibility to others on the ride. Things go wrong when one or two are left to carry the burden, especially in larger groups.
  10. Kat Rider

    I understand what you're trying to say but I feel that it may be a little difficult in a forum.
    A forum is a little different to a club as such.
    Forums are more like a meeting place for various type of riders which varies drastically.
    Anyone can pretty much post a ride and set their own ground rules whether it's learner, advanced, etc...

    Clubs are different and much easier to have a stricter set of rules and most do, with committees, regular meetings, annual fees, various insurance, etc.
    They also need to be seen to be pushing the safety line on their rides and events.
    Being a member of two different clubs, it becomes clear the difference between them and netrider...

    I know there's a ride category here, but what could be of help (there may be one but I haven't seen one) is some sort of basic guideline for anyone who's thinking of leading a ride and what's required of a TEC. Particularly for those who are putting their hand up for the first time.
  11. that's perfect and answers a lot of whats being asked...
    I've led a few rides but have never seen that page which is probably slack on my part but maybe it's not put in a place for most not to miss it.

    Once again probably the difference between a forum and a club where they have ride committees who are responsible in taking care of ride rules....
  12. List of bikes + riders name and mobile number for the leader, checked at each fuel stop.
    Head count check at every stop, including quick stops at corners. Buddy system sounds like a real winner.
    Leaders mobile number given to each rider.
    Although every rider should be taking into account the conditions of the road and riding accordingly, if the leader is aware of the roads then each leg of the ride, any known poor road conditions or challenging corners should be communicated to the group.
    Proper way to leave the group should be acknowledged by each and every rider whilst giving their bike/name/contact details to the leader.
  13. Im glad some are getting the idea of discussion, i was not looking to pre thought pre written pre spoken searched for ideas, i just hope we can keep in the front of our minds that thou accidents are uncommom on these rides we need to keep a keen sense of who is around us on these rides to limit the chance.

    My knickers are well and truly ironed,

    I understand we are all nice people with opinions which may not always align so lets keep the regular forum politics outta this one for the greater good fellas,

    This isnt about point scoring, blame or one upmenship, if you think i need to search the forum for the answers i am looking for you obviously dont understant what im looking for so keep your opinions to yourself.

    I not for one instant mean to be rude or obnoxious, i just want this to be a clean and respectful discussion on ways to stop this coming to head again

    Ride safe

  14. I had no idea mate, I'm sorry to hear about it and i have a fair idea how you'd be feeling about it.

    I now think I'd like to add my piece...

    Yes, yes we do. However the one thing a group ride is not is a baby sitting service, which is the feeling you get sometimes by the way some people behave when they're on one.

    There are very few true ride leaders on this board who are prepared to go out of their way to organise a ride and everything that goes into it. FLUX for instance spends an incredible amount of time organising HIS time to go on HIS ride, complete with fuel stops, food & drink stops, and ride the best roads Victoria has to offer. To which he then decides if and who he will open the ride up to if he decides to at all....

    He could just as easily go for a ride by himself or the chosen few and everybody else misses out. A fact which is all too easily overlooked or taken for granted.

    And taken for granted it is when people can't make the effort to turn up on time, or don't fill their tanks at stopping points, or take their sweet time gearing up when there's a definite schedule that's being followed, or leave without telling, or make a tool of themselves, or my pet hate, have the f.ucking audacity to tell someone how the ride should be run when they've never done it themselves before...
    ...and the list goes on and on.

    Perhaps that's part of the reason ride leaders are reluctant to post 'open' rides.

    So to everyone who chooses to go on a group ride just show a bit of basic manners and have the courtesy to think of others as well as yourself, the ride is not being put on for you, end of story.

    You're spot on. It's not a club even though it's been suggested before, and personally I don't want to be in a club or I'd just go and do that.

    It's assumed that if everybody here is old enough to ride then they're old enough to take responsibility for themselves and can follow some simple instructions.

    If you piss your ride leader off guess what, you're it.

    Why yes, yes it is :)
  15. You're right, I don't understand what you're looking for.

    300+ rides under his belt (which i'll wager is well under the real figure) and this is the first time it's happened???

    ...and you wanted to say what?
  16. Mate this is a forum not a parliamentary debate, opinions will get wide and varied as will discussions.
    You cannot dictate how we converse on a forum,
    Now it's obvious you have an agenda so spill your guts what happened that you are so concerned? Your posts are not clear, what is it you want exactly? what was it that requires it to not come to a head again?
    that link explains everything, is there something in that link you don't agree with?
    Unless you come clean with what it is exactly you want after you have researched then we can't help you.
    As for you dictating how a conversation goes well welcome to the internet, sooner or later it will be a discussion on Nazis the religious right and climate change along with nodding about which glove comes on.
  17. Im definately not trying to dictate or direct where this discussion goes, actually completely the oppisite.

    All the searches i have done in regards to this topic give me well thought out answers, ones that appear to work and have in place for quiet a long time.

    I understand there are people on this forum who have been riding longer than i have been on the planet, have been organising rides longer than i have been able to ride and for that they have my respect and i hope they lead rides long enough for me to get my own bearing for the roads in vic and i can therfore begin to lead rides.

    Howerver until then i would like to know everyones opinions on this topic, im not looking for peoples opinions of what i should search for but i hoped my agenda was clear and simple, put your 2 cents worth in about how we can make rides safe.

    Sorry if i hadnt been clear about my agend before. Ill buy you a coffee next time we ride and we can discuss Nazi's, religion and politics, climate change if we still have time;

    Ride Safe
  18. and now for my .02

    @Deadman, leaving a rider intentionally is disgusting, this was not disgusting, all on the ride that day would be racking their brains trying to figure out how this happened.

    As you know flux is an excellent leader and at EVERY corner stop I see him counting bikes before moving on. I agree with his review and possible remedies above.

    Given the number of riders who do come off on NR and associated rides; some small, some bad, this is the first time I have heard of some one being left behind. Our current protocols DO work 99% of the time. There is nothing we can do retrospectively other than reflect and review to minimise the likelihood of a repeat. I agree there may be some merit in a buddy system for large rides.


  19. Well I think this is the sort of things Kat Rider was trying to implement or address on how we all can look out for one another a little more....

    PS; well done on the thread having it right here has made me look at it rather than searching.................