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Forum Membership Application

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, May 22, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    When your application is complete you will be sent an email to activate your account.

    You need to follow the instructions (clicking one URL) in that email in order to have your application approved and your ability to post activated.

    There were over 100 non active accounts and most of these were either hotmail.com or yahoo.com account.

    The confirmation email should reach your mailbox within minutes. If not, then, please check your spam settings.
    If you have still not received it, please allow at leat 1 hour and then email netrider@netrider.net.au with your username.
  2. I was having a hassle with the other login method (type in the numbers) could never see them...

    This way works, thanks Vic.. well done.
  3. Depending upon how thier mail servers anti spam rules are setup its a fair chance that those emails didn't arrive. If the mail server setup is rejecting the emails outright without being put into a "spam folder" then they wouldn't know about it. Hence my suggestion in the emails I sent the other week.
  4. That's fairly easy though right?

    What you suggested the other week was to do with RBL lists, quite different to people that just use a dummy email address or having hotmail set up to only accept emails from users in their address books.

    I still have someones member card here. They applied months ago and they got their address wrong. They had a hotmail account. I sent them a question and they have failed to answer it, not much more I can do.
    There are many reaons for not using a webmail (hotmail, yahoo) account but people like them.
    We don't nor will we ever sell our email database, irrespective of how much money is offered.