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Forum Information and Competition Rules

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Mouth, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Welcome to the Netrider Monthly Photo Competition forum.

    At the beginning of each month, a new topic will be created for that months photo competition. All users can then post to that topic with their months photo entry, and/or discussion about photo's entered. At the end of the month, when photos are no longer accepted, the topic will be locked for further posting. But you can still vote by liking your chosen photo.

    The following rules apply:

    * One(1) photo entry per month per person. If you wish to change you entry during any month, then edit you previous post/entry and change that photo.

    * Comments/discussion on photo's entered are only allowed if they are positive and/or constructive and knowlegeable critique. Post that are otherwise will be removed with repeat offenders banned from the forum. All discussion must remain on topic and relevant to a photo entry that month.

    * DO NOT quote photos if wanting to comment on it.

    * Photo's entered must be the entrants own, and you must be the copyright holder should any copyright be applicable. Do not post photo's that are not your own. Otherwise your fraud will be found out and you will be strongly embarrassed.

    Any photo entries or posts not adhering to the above rules will be removed.