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N/A | National Formula One yesterday

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Kellieeclipse, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. image. I know they are not bikes but I couldn't resist posting these from yesterday :)

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  2. Every time I start a thread on my phone I hit send accidentally!!
  3. Bikes and cars have wheels they are almost related :)
  4. I missed the GP,but saw the celebrity race.Some of the stupidest driving on a track I have ever seen.They were lucky there wasn't any injury's.And I am not talking about racing incidents,eg Charley's mishap,just impossible corner speeds resulting in running off multiple times by the same idiot.Hope some arse kicking happened afterwards.Saturdays celebrity race was brilliant,hard aggressive racing with well above average car control,Sundays was just a shocker toward the front
  5. Nice Race, Crash first corner, Vet and Ham out... But came 4th ...

    Are the F1 really quiet now or are they still loud?
  6. Kellie anything that goes fast & is loud is great!!!
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  7. Incredibly quiet, no need for ear plugs anymore. Previous years car where 130db, this year they are around 100db.

    Sat on turn 1 and you couldn't even even hear then coming until the last minute.
  8. I think you will find they went from 147db to 135db which is still a fairly big drop. It's really noticeable when you hear the radio chat between the car and pits.
  9. i like it.
  10. Great pics. Good position to watch from.
  11. Yeah I was pretty happy with that myself :woot::snaphappy:(y)
  12. Also noticeable when you're talking with mates. I wasn't the same but the racing wasn't bad. Merc a long way ahead of the rest by the looks of it.