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Formula One on its last legs?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Hard on the heels of Bridgestone's withdrawal and Toyota's withdrawal, now the Renault team is also seriously considering its future too...


    The idioitic costs of this world-wide circus tax even the deepest of pockets, it seems. Quite where it goes from here, except into decline, is anyone's guess.
  2. Possibly, but also possibly only until Ecclestone is gone.

    It's not only the cost of running the teams, it's also the cost he personally extracts from everyone (Victorian taxpayers included).

    If F1 falls from the domain of the giant manufacturing concerns into the lap of smaller, leaner racing operations run by enthusiasts, would that be a bad thing for the fans?

    Four possible new teams next year... anything could happen.
  3. I don't WANT it to die, but right at the moment it's giving a good impression of a man with leprosy, isn't it?
  4. F1 will survive, it existed before with out manufacturers and will again. It was Renault, Toyota etc that pushed budgets up in the first place. Mosley was right to a certain extent he was always concerned about big car companies interference in F1
  5. Good.
    The same cars going around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around .

    I watch it for the crashes.
  6. We all watch it for the crashes and pit babes, maybe we might see some of the Korean or Chinese manufacturers move in? It wasn't that long ago people laughed at japanese cars?
  7. You like nascar? A chevy pushrod engine in a tube frame is much more economical to crash than a million dollar super engine in a super car :p
  8. I cant see it dying, after having probably the best season in a decade. Though they do need to compensate for this GFC better, it is ridiculously expensive. Renault are probably just having a sook after being caught cheating! As Stigger said, we'll just probably have more privateers and maybe we'll have even closer racing. Toyota's got their brand exposure, probably happy to stick to the US market via NASCAR, Renault is still smashing it in WRC, it'll keep going, too many vested interests already. I'm more concerned about MotoGP dying than F1.

    Or we could just bring back the ol F5000s!!!
  9. In F1, they still do :LOL:

    It has it's moments, the last three laps between Webber and Button on Sunday (admittedly for second place) were brilliant.
    If you don't like it, it's not exactly shoved down your throat (unless you happen to live in Albert Park).

    I think - in fact I hope - we are going to see momentous change in F1, with a lot of big dollars departing. This could be a good thing IMHO.
    The staggering investment on the venue at Abu Dhabi was awesome and spectacular, but a bit sickening, too.
  10. I thought exactly the same thing too! Mind blowingly extravegant yet equally sickening to pour that much money into a track (the road was probably the least expensive part there!)
  11. It is a very expensive sport, not only for the teams, but for a spectator as well. My 2 tickets for next years race cost $430 each.

    But there again, it does keep Vic in a job each year....
  12. Every time I stay up to watch a race I feel cheated. Each time I think 'this will be a good one' and each time it is 2hours of people following each other with the action taking place in the pit lane. The drivers are submerged in their cockpits and although I know all of them are amazing drivers I can't relate to their skill. The one time they have a driver who can and does overtake they punish.

    If you add the rants of the senile man who promotes the sport and the connivance of the man who was only supposed to regulate it, it's become a sport I rarely watch. Which is a real pity as I used to stay up all hours to watch the shite coverage that Ch9 used to provide.
  13. Somewhere along the line someone realised it could be treated as a business, and not as a sport, or as entertainment. We've come a way too far down the road from when Sir Stirling Moss beat the entire Ferrari team in a privately-entered, underpowered Lotus :(.
  14. Wasn't it a Jap Car that won it, this year?
  15. Nup, ze Germans.
  16. Well British car with a German engine, same as last year...

    Edit Opps now where did i get the idea that Mclaren won it last year...
  17. English driver, British car, German engine. Exactly the same as last year.
  18. Knew the was around somewhere 1997 preseason interview with every driver present. I wonder what the chances are of repeating that now???
  19. En Anglais?
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