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Formula 1 Silverstone - Webber [Spoiler]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. So...Webber is second on the grid. Amazing, he almost got his first pole. Things are finally going well for Webber (touch wood, he may have issues tonight!!!). Currently 8th in the standings.

    The forecast is for heavy rain, but Webber did quite well in Monaco in the wet.

    And I bought an HD set top box so now I can watch these races live and get a reasonable amount of sleep!!!!! :woot:

    How do you reckon he'll go tonight?!?!
  2. Mark has always been a good wet-weather pilot; in fact when I read that he had secured second on the grid, I automatically assumed that it was raining in qualifying, got quite a surprise to find out it wasn't.

    Silverstone is a flat-out circuit and I wouldn't be backing the Red Bulls to be able to maintain that pace for the whole race.....

    (I'd love to be proven wrong, though :LOL:).
  3. Remember that the Red Bulls are in fact a sister team to the Renault.

    The Renault of Alonso did aid Massa in hitting the wall at a great rate of knots ;)

    GO RENAULT!!!!!!!!!!!

    But yes, the performance of the Red Bull was awesome in last nights QF.

    How bad was the Williams? Did it break the suspension? I think I heard that in between the kids being loud :(

    I must get to the shops to get a HD box. :mad:
  4. ahh yes, set top box, my bro is currently storing half his home back at my place so i went looking in the spare room threw his pile of junk... and what do i find, 1 set top box currently being unused... not anymore, its now in my room.. sweet
  5. [color=[/color]red]SPOILER

    Dammit spoke to soon - 1st lap!!!!!

    Well he's working his way up really well...fastest man on track :woot:
  6. Poor Mark.
  7. Dammit.

    Jeez people were spinning all over the place. Webber had 3ish, Massa 5ish...crazy!
  8. was a bluddie good gp. Still got 2 wheels too many.
  9. Ripper race.

    Loved the engineers telling the drivers, "just a quick light drizzle" which if you compared it to say a tornado they were right. :LOL:

    Seriously, leaving drivers on inters when the weather completely drowned the track was stupid and a lot of teams made the wrong call.

    See how Rubens was 10s a lap quicker than the rest of the field on full wets?

    As James "please shut the fcuk up" Allen said, after 3 laps on full wets you have your pit stop back and you can afford to re pit to switch from full wets to inters again.

    Bizzare that they got the weather so wrong last night. Made for great viewing though.
  10. I agree - some stuff ups. A quick dash in for the wets would have been the ONLY way to go. It was a huge time advantage, not to mention you'd reduced your chance of smashing the car on one of the many spins out there!

    It must be a rush, when it's wet out there they have to push hard enough to get the downforce on the car to clear the water and get enough grip - so too slow they aquaplane, too fast they spin out.

    But the phone call for my advice never came - and it was carnage :p :LOL:
  11. Glad I'm not the only one... I cant stand that cock!

    I'm glad Hamilton got the win but all it means is James Allen will not shut up for the next 100 years.... fcuking cockwad!
  12. Ah, the bitter taste of lost opportunity..

    Mark must be trying to wash that out of his mouth this morning. Ok, he spins in the second corner. Not good, but the extraordinary pace at which he was moving back up through the field was encouraging. I was sitting there before the first pitstop thinking, "If it rains NOW, and he goes to full wets (or even gets a fresh set of intermediates before everyone else, this could turn out good. We didn't see what happened with his stop, but it was early, and if his strategists were watching the weather radar they could have seen what we all knew - that it was going to p!ss down.

    Alonso's decision to stay on old tyres was nothing less than stupid, and I actually thought to myself, ""well, there's one more out of the way." Little knowing that Red Bull and/or Mark had made the same mistake!

    Even then, after everyone except Rubens failed to take advantage of the golden opportunity that the downpour presented, there was still time for Webber to come in for extreme wets, pick up 10-20 seconds a lap FFS, and pick up a good result. When it was clear that Webber (like Raikonnen) was losing massive chunks of time per lap, the decision should have been made to pull him in and put him on extremes straight away. There was nothing left to lose any more.

    Nobody had the guts to do it, Red Bull included. Mark will look back at this season thinking about the fact that he has (mostly) driven better than ever before, only to watch his hopes derailed by idiotic decisions, in contrast to the last few years' mechanical reliability. Whether those decisions have been his, or his team bosses', the result is still going to be the pain of watching what might have been slip away. Again.

    Great fun to watch, though. :)